UPDATES~ June 6 2015

Hey guys! 

I am so excited to get to write again! It feels like it has been forever! So first off can I just say that Sundays Devotional was so amazing! Janice Kapp Perry got to speak to us and it was really fun to know that she is the one who wrote most of the children’s songs for the primary, and we got to sing a medley of her songs with her. It is so amazing when you hear the MTC singing together you can just feel the spirit so strong that it becomes the most amazing thing to feel! Wednesday night Devotional was amazing as well, I was in the MTC choir and we sang I Feel My Saviors Love for Elder D. Todd Christoffersen! Oh my goodness he is so awesome, he spoke about the questions missionaries have and helped us answer those questions.

Loved the care package that you sent! It was so awesome I was beginning to have withdrawals from not having enough sugar!

 The temple was amazing, I felt the spirit like I always can so strong, and it was nice because I wasn't nervous at all. I loved being able to just sit back and enjoy all that the temple has to offer, I am beginning to feel a lot closer to the Lord just being here and it is so amazing how I never want that feeling to ever leave. It is to the point that when I don't have the spirit I notice and immediate difference. It is so nice to be surrounded by such positive people all the time and it really helps keep me uplifted, and keeps my mind on the Savior so that my testimony can grow immensely. The MTC has my confidence high, and a lot of that is do to trusting in the Lord and the Holy Spirit to help me. Some of that is due to my teacher Sister Hessing. She is so amazing, the role plays she has us do, and the insight she can give us is a plus. She served her mission in the D.C. South Mission.

I cannot wait to get to Arizona, and can't wait to possibly talk to you guys on the phone Monday morning :)

 Tell Lorene and all the other ward members HI for me! Tell Dianne that I will get a picture of the smileys on my luggage for her! I can't wait for that package that you are going to send to Arizona :D  I love hearing from you guys! This past week Elder Kump and I have been able to teach REAL investigators and it has been the most amazing, spiritual experiences that I think we have had. It is so amazing to see someone turn their life around and head towards the Lord. It is so awesome to see when it finally CLICKS and then they want to follow the Savior.

  I have been having so many great experiences here in the MTC I don't even have time to tell you all of them. Being Zone Leaders has been so amazing, Wednesday we had the privilege of introducing the new Elders and Sisters in our Branch to the MTC. They loved us so much, and saw the love that we have for our District that they asked us how they can get to that point. Really the only way to get to that point is to have charity for them, see what you can do to serve your District.

  I haven't really been homesick at all since after the first couple of days, I was really having a hard time with that and I just asked for a lot of help from the Lord and he has given it to me...I still think about you guys, but I don't worry because I know that the Lord will protect you guys because I pray for you every day and night.

 I love ALL of you guys! And I can't wait to hear from you! I love you mom, and the time that you took to help me prepare for my mission, and the time that you still take to worry about me. Just know that I am doing fine, and the Lord is helping me in so many ways.
Can't wait to hear from you soon ;)

 Love you all,

 Elder Jordie