Made it to ARIZONA!!! 6-11-15 Update

We received a wonderful e-mail and pic yesterday from Jordans mission President, it was awesome to see Jordan looking so happy :)  We thought  it was a sweet letter and hope they don't mind us sharing some of it with you.

Dear Brother and Sister Snyder;

It was a very special experience to personally greet your son, Elder Jordan Snyder, at the airport upon his arrival in Tucson.  We were impressed by his great spirit and desire to serve.  We are grateful to have him serving here with us.

From the airport we took him and the other missionaries to the Mormon Battalion Monument in downtown Tucson, where we talked about commitment, and leaving behind all the cares of the world to focus on the work of the Lord.  After a brief stop at the mission office to meet the office staff, we went to the mission home, where our Elders and Sisters received instruction and training from the Assistants to the President, Sister Passey and myself.  I had the pleasure of interviewing your son and getting to know him personally and to feel his wonderful missionary spirit.  Later that evening we dined together, took photographs and took the opportunity to discuss our purpose as missionaries.

Elder Snyder has been assigned to the Sahuarita Zone, located in Sahuarita, Arizona with Elder Donovan as his companion. 

May the Lord bless you.  We send our love and appreciation.

President David G. Passey & Sister Beth Passey
Arizona Tucson Mission

Enclosed is a photograph of your missionary with us.