UPDATE~June 22, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad!

I am getting really used to the heat here even though it got up to like 115 degrees the other day, thank goodness this is the hottest part of the year so that I can get it over with!

I am so glad to hear that dad got my card, I was kind of sad not being able to be there for Father’s Day, but I am glad to have learned so much that I can start being an example.

It is amazing being here learning all these new things I am so glad that you invited the spirit by sharing your testimony with them! (Jordan is talking about some good friends of ours) You are definitely a "missionary" mom ;)  It is amazing what being a missionary for a month does to you, it feels like I have been out for 3 months! I am really loving my companion, he is so funny and loves to sing and play the guitar, and just loves to have fun and do the Lords work. You guys might get to meet him! He is going home the second day in September and he lives in Brigham City so maybe on your way up to Logan you can stop by and meet him. I love my district as well, one of the Hermanas (Sisters) going home in July to Ohio wants to have lunch and talk with you. She will only be spending two weeks home and then she will be flying to Utah to go to the U of U, she really wants to meet you because I really do brag you guys up a lot. 

Sister Aleman who I get to meet when she gets here :)
President Passey and his wife are from somewhere in Texas, I can't remember where...and if you are wondering, they don't have Texan accents, although it is kind of a disappointment that they don't...lol I am glad that you like my little apartment, still keeping things tidy and neat, still studying a lot too. This week we have just been trying to go through the Area Book and getting people’s names and going to visit them to see where we can start with them. It is good to start to get everything organized so that we know where we are in everything. Had Stake Conference yesterday and it was pretty good, got to meet a lot of people from the Sahuarita Stake and the Midvale Ward.

I hope that you are starting to get better, sounds like you haven't been all that well the past week...take care of yourself and make the rest at home do most of the work. I am so glad that you guys had a good Father’s Day and it sounds like you have had a lot of yummy things to eat!  I am glad that you got the funny picture of me, I thought it would make you laugh, loved the pics that you sent me...haha love the one of you, and I love Alexa's new outfits, they are so cute and so her!

I miss driving, I can start driving 2 months into the mission because they have these things in the cars where you have to log in with a magnetic card and it tracks your driving, and yells at you if you go to fast it says "watch your speed" or "aggressive driving" or other and or annoying things, but it has proven to minimize accidents in the mission. My companion and I have a 2013 Nissan Frontier...it is pretty ok, but nothing like a Tacoma ;)  (Jordan and his Toyota’s! LOL)

Found this in my area after having dinner with some members! Snyder Hill!!! That is our truck by the way ;)


Today we went on a hike and I will be sending some pics of that, I am glad that you noticed the Nutella on the fridge, I was hoping that you would. 

Most of Jordan's zone
Elder Hernandez~ district leader
I hope to get grandpa Snyder's letter soon.  And I am glad that you sent that scripture, I have to have that memorized here it is a missionary scripture and has become one of my favorites. I miss you guys everyday and pray for you always, I pray that the blessings from having a missionary out will always be poured out upon you guys.
Love you and can't wait to hear more from you, love you mom and thank you for taking care of a lot for me and for getting me things that I need and will love. I can't wait to open that package because I know that I will be overfilled with joy knowing that you put it together for me.

Love you lots!!!

Elder Jordie