UPDATE  JUNE 09, 2015

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to be emailing this day, today is transfer day so that also means it is my preparation day! But from here on out my "P" day is on Mondays. I got to Tucson in safety and with much joy, and I was also very nervous. First off I just want to say that I had to wake up at 3:00AM just to get up and be at the MTC bus at 3:35AM just so that they could take us up the road 5 minutes to the Front Runner station!  I could have walked! haha. Elder Kump and I then got on Front Runner and rode it all the way up to the Trax Station where we proceeded to take forever in getting to the airport because Trax has to stop at every little station. lol The highlight of my day was when I got to call my family and talk to them, I loved hearing your voices so much!

So after talking with you guys I got on the plane, there was a lady who sat next to me who didn't seem like she wanted to talk or anything but I had the impression to talk to her. The I proceeded to pray and ask Heavenly Father to lift her spirit enough so that she would want to talk to me. So I sat in silence for about half the flight, and I noticed that she was having
a hard time sleeping. So I just sat there for a minute and got up to use the lavatory, when I came out she said "you're missing it!" and then I asked her what I was missing, she said "that is the Grand Canyon!" so then we started to talk about that, then that led into the discussion of why I am a missionary, what exactly is it all about, and then she asked a lot of
questions about the church and our beliefs, and the spirit was able to help me so much with every question that she asked. When we were about to get off the plane she thanked me for the wonderful conversation that I had with her and proceeded to show me pictures of her family. She then said "you know, I was going to sleep on this flight because I had a long night, but I just could not go to sleep" if that wasn't the Lord, I don't know what else
it could be. The power of the spirit and prayer is so unbelievable that I strive for that feeling everyday!

After we got off the plane I met President Passey and his wife. They are such amazing people, and so spiritual and fun! I know that this mission was meant to be, because President Passey and his wife just bought a brand new 2015 Toyota Highlander, and they also have a 2015 Toyota Avalon, and a 2014 Toyota Corolla. They love their Toyota's just as much as I do! :)

I got my new companion today, Elder Donovan. He has been out about 21 months and is going to be training me for about 12 weeks. We get along very well and are settled in the Midvale Ward, Sahuarita part of the mission, which covers a huge area, but we are the only missionaries in that ward. We have our own personal iPads, I am loving my mission already!

Mom, thank you for talking to me yesterday and for giving me uplifting words. It is fairly hot here, but we have been having a lot of overcast which everyone says is really unusual for this time of year. I cannot wait when the time comes for you guys to come pick me up, there is already so much I want to show you. So that is my weekly report, I love all
of you guys, and I love you mom and miss you very much!