UPDATE June 15, 2015

I love my companion Elder Donovan and I am loving the people here in Tucson, they are so good to us and the members feed us every night. Although all the members are wondering why they are sending so many missionaries from Utah! Lol President and Sister Passey are such amazing people and very loving and kind, they are very determined to make this mission a better one. By the time 2 years is up for me, they will be getting ready to leave as well. I can't wait to show you everything already!  It is really hot here but I am beginning to enjoy the heat a little...I really don't know why. 

This week has been crazy! Elder Donovan and I plan out our days and they totally go a different way, so I haven't had any chances to really teach anyone yet, although I have been able to go to less actives and share spiritual thoughts, and one investigator Roger who has been having the missionaries over for about 2 years now. His wife is a member and she is just patiently waiting for him so that they can be married in the temple one day. I have just been trying to soak things in this week, to try to get the swing of things. 

I saw the blog! It looks great!   I hope that your neck gets better and stays better this time, I know those Tacomas are tuff to get in and out of sometimes. I really liked the Sienna that you guys are looking at. The red one is awesome, and I also like the Slate one as well, very sharp looking.

When I got to the apartment this past week it was tidy but not necessarily clean, so I told Elder Donovan we were going to the store to get cleaning supplies! He was so excited that I was cleaning, and it was ok with me because I was kind of stressing about some things so I went ahead and started to overhaul the whole place. Elder Donovan got so excited that he called the apartment complex and set up an appointment to have them come and clean the carpets. Now we have the best apartment in the whole mission! lol All of the Elders are pretty jealous, but that is just how I roll I guess, I am your son after all ;) 

Tucson is amazing, but the roads here are quite awful, tell dad that I have found a new appreciation for Utah. Lots of greenery in Utah and better roads, and since it gets so hot here everyone's cars are faded, all of the paint has faded on them...the only ones that don't have that are the fairly newer cars. I am starting to love the scenery that it offers, it is very different but pretty. I know that you guys will love it when you get down here. When you come it will be cooler because the Monsoon Season will be starting so there will be a lot of clouds. 

Tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you so much for contributing to my mission funds! I love them very much. Tell Barbara congrats from Tucson, Arizona and I wish I could have been to Athalees party, tell her she owes me some cake when I get back! haha I can't wait to share more experiences with you, today I got all my grocery shopping done and got to go do some other things as well.

Love love love you!

Elder Jordie