UPDATE~ June 29th, 2015

Hey Mom and Familia!

I have been having a great week this week, it has gone by so fast I can hardly believe that it is my p-day! It has been really hot here so I feel your guys pain, it has been raining a little so now we have 111 degree weather with water which equals a lot of humidity. I am glad that you like our truck, I do too with how many rough roads we have to travel on, if you look on the map that I sent you, you will notice a little place in our area called Three Points...all there is out there are desert roads and homes.

Elder Snyder and Elder Donovan's area the big green area in the middle
Tucson is the king of trailer homes, so most people have a double wide one, but there are a lot of people with regular homes too. I am so glad that you liked the Snyder Hill pic, when I saw it I had to get a picture...I have to get used to having people say my name the wrong way even though it is a very simple name, I have been called "Elder Stewart" "Shrader" "Schnieder" "Sydney" and many other things that I don't remember, so my tool for letting everyone know what my name is, is to think of Snyder's Pretzels, then they always remember my name. lol Oh and I am going to keep LOTS of Nutella around!

 All of the streets here are what you would expect, all the names are Mexican and it is really cool, although it is like Utah they are set up on a grid but every street isn't a number, it is a name. And when you get on the freeway to go south it goes from miles to meters...it is the weirdest thing I have seen. Actually the weirdest thing I have seen and done yet is eat at a members house where they have tons of birds and chickens there, I got to eat with a chicken right next to me. I felt really uncomfortable but then I started to think of a good meal, like chicken in the crockpot. The older lady that fed us was in church yesterday and she isn't really nice. In Sunday School we were talking about loving one another, and the subject of loving your children equally came up and then she raised her hand...I thought to myself not again! She then proceeded to say "of course you love one of your children more than the other! You do that because the others are being jerks and you don't like them...so if a building was burning I would save the one I loved more!" You could about imagine the hands that went up in that class! lol A man raised his hand and told her that he resented that comment and her. I really had to bite my tongue there and at dinner because she told me if I don't know all my scriptures I should go home and they should send some experienced missionaries to the field. I then proceeded to tell her that if that was the case there would be no missionaries out in the world at all, I then told her that I had faith that the Lord was going help me with that. Then she spent the evening trying to be nice to me and I was nice back, then Elder Donovan and I talked about what had happened and I feel better about it now.

The Ludovics are a very nice, funny, fun family in the ward and we eat there quite a bit, the other night we were listening to new music they found I think on LDSdaily.com. It brought in the spirit so much that I had a hard time containing myself, I waited till we got out to the car to cry, Elder Donovan thought there was something wrong but I told him it was the spirit. We left that night and I had the best feeling, just like the night I taught the lesson the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Rhobles Family.. I was so nervous because I haven't given a lesson yet, but I prayed for the spirit and that is what did it. Elder Donovan looked at me and I knew it was time to start, I had no clue what to say, then all of a sudden the words started to come out of my mouth, they even told me during the lesson that some of the things that I said (through the spirit) were things that they needed to hear. After we were done we all could feel the spirit so strong that we left with a prayer. When we got out to the truck Elder Donovan looked at me and told me he didn't feel like a 3 week old companion was teaching with him, that it had been like I was out for a year or something. It was truly an amazing experience for me and my companion.

When we go hiking we have to go at 6 in the morning, and even then it is 80 degrees which is still pretty hot but I love the hikes. 
Those scriptures were exactly the things that I needed, (I send Jordan a few scriptures every time I write him)  because there are sometimes that I don't look to the Lord and try to do things by myself and then my life starts to go down. Especially with that lady I talked about, I thought I could just walk it off but then I turned to the Lord for help, to take away the bad feelings I was feeling towards her, and then I repented for those thought and prayed for her. And the great thing was my thoughts went away, and I was able to focus and my prayer was answered. I love prayer and I don't know where I would be without it, I defiantly would not be here without it, or without you guys.

This is the scripture that really stood out to me this week:

2 Nephi 4:34- O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh; for I know

that cursed is he that putteth  his trust in his arm of flesh. Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm.

I really needed this scripture this week...


Elder Jordie