UPDATE~  July 06, 2015
Hey Mom and Everyone,
I have been so excited to get to email you all week! I got the packages and I loved them! Thank you for sending all the goodies and treats. Loved the cards from Don and Karma and I am so glad that I have pics of all of you guys. Loved the card from Alexa!
 I have been doing really good, mission president texted us today congratulating us on meeting all of the number goals for this week that hasn't happened for a while. We had like 8 investigators at church this week, and we have a lot more lessons to teach as well more are beginning to become interested. The member trust in this ward is really strong, so they are always helping us teach lessons and always feeding us as well.
The Ludovics took us up to Mt. Lemmon on the 4th so that we could have a picnic dinner and watch the fireworks in the valley, they also had us talk about our favorite American story or bring a favorite American song...so it was really good that I had the MP3 and my little speaker there :)

Picnic on the 4th :)
Beautiful valley of Tucson, this was our view for the fireworks! 

4th of July service project and water fight

 I am so glad that you all had a good 4th of July and I loved all the pics of the cars and the sayings that you put with them...LOL I am sorry to hear that you have so much pain from your neck, those Corollas are not the best if you are looking for acceleration, comfort, space and so on.
Thank you for that scripture mom, I think that I needed that because it has really been a challenge to forgive others and to love them as they are. The mission president and his wife gave us a challenge to work on a Christ-like attributes this transfer, and I have been trying to work on Charity.  I always keep you guys in my prayers in the morning and night and thank you again for the wonderful package that you sent, and the graham cracker treats were soooooo good! The packages got here on Thursday by the way in case you were wondering the time frame or anything. I love you all and can't wait to here from you next week!


Elder Jordie ;)