JULY 13, 2015~ UPDATE ;)

Hello Mom and Familia!

I am so sad that I wasn't able to be there for Athalee's Birthday Party! Tell her that I say Happy Birthday, and that she is to save a piece of cake for me for 2 years! LOL I am glad that I got to see pictures of the party :) 

  So I forgot to tell you about our hike in Nogales last pday! So Nogales is about an hour and a half away from Sahuarita going south, it is right on the border of Arizona and Mexico I got some cool pics of the fence they have up on the border.  We had left for Nogales at 5:30 in the morning and started to hike around 7:00-7:30. It took us 4 hours, there were no trails just mountain and down there it is a lot greener and cooler, I will never serve there though because it is a mostly Spanish speaking mission. It was really fun, we went because Hermana Aleman wanted to because it was her second to last pday, so we did what she wanted to do. 

Our district is really close and I haven't gotten to have a lot of time to serve with them, but the time with them has been worth it. I have learned so much from them, this week Elder Hernandez and I exchanged companions so that we were together the next day to teach people, he is our District Leader so he was seeing how I was doing with my companion and gave me some great tips on how to be a better missionary. When Elder Hernandez and I were teaching, we were planning on what to teach this certain family...Elder Donovan and I had planned on teaching them The Restoration but then I had the thought to go over Tithes and Fast Offerings with them (which I hadn't taught yet) so I decided that the spirit knew best :) So when we got to teach them it was like the words just started to come out of my mouth, I made sure to go over the material beforehand of course but the spirit was really working with me...and then I knew why I was told to teach this to them. The mom already is paying tithing and has seen immediate blessings from it, when I started to teach the lesson she got really excited and shared her experience with us. I can't remember where she is working but she told us that she got a pay increase, a title promotion, and much more...she now has a strong testimony of paying tithing! That made me so happy, and reassured to me that the spirit was telling me what they needed.
So all in all this past week has been a pretty good week, I did get Grandma and Grandpas letter and loved it I just mailed one out to them today so it should be there sometime this week. 
Grandma and Grandpa Peterson

Like I said our District is really close, and the saying is true "friends you make on your mission are friends for a whole lifetime." Most of the missionaries in my district live in Utah so I will be able to see them when I get home, they all want to be at the airport and all want to be at the Homecoming. I am sad that some are leaving but I know that I came at this time for a reason.  And I guess when Elder Donovan gets back he and Sister Aleman and Elder Hernandez want to have lunch with you together :)

 Thank you for sending that hymn to me, I really needed it and I listen to it this morning and it has really helped me today to remember why I am here, and who I am here for and how important this work really is to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, without them we wouldn't even be here. I love you guys and look forward to hearing more from you!  (I sent him the first and fourth verse  of "Lord, I would Follow Thee")


Elder Jordie