August 10, 2015~UPDATE

Hey Mom and Family!

I am so excited to be writing you today, I think I have quite a bit to say this day. I am so glad that you have got that migraine under control, it is good to hear that you are starting to feel a little bit better at least :). I was sad about Aleman and Hernandez leaving. I have really realized why my call came and I came out so fast, I have thought of this many times and I know it was because I needed to meet Elder Hernandez and Hermana Aleman and other people in my district, especially Elder Donovan because I am his last companion...if I would have come in a little bit later I would have had a different companion. I know I was put here to help others and I have found that, that is one of my strengths...just as it is one of your strengths mom :). I have been hearing from Hernandez and Aleman almost every P Day and I get excited every time they write :D, Hernandez said that he sent me a letter in the mail and both he and Aleman are so excited to go to lunch, I think if you took them to El that would be perfect...since they are already used to Mexican food they will like the better stuff ;).

Elder Donovan and I get along so great, people say that there is a connection there that most companions don't have...Donovan says that people usually have a favorite missionary that they like and then the other one is just there...but everyone seems to love both of us and I am so glad that they do....There is someone out there who needs me, and I can feel it and I know that my work is not even close to done. The only thing that makes me nervous is not knowing who my new companion will be, President said that he is keeping me in my area next transfer because we are doing so well, and I am going to be leading the area. I think the week that Donovan goes home I will be with Elders Tarawhiti and Chinas for a couple of days, and then President asked me if I would host a temporary missionary from that Friday to Sunday and I told him that I would...I gotta tell ya I am a little nervous! haha

I think that being on a mission has helped me with a lot of things and will continue to help me with many more things as the months go by, the months have been going by quite seems that as you get into a lesson and teach it that you are only there teaching for 15 min. and then you realize that you have been there for 45 min! It is really crazy how time can fly when you are teaching others, and when you look forward to every P Day ;). I do know Sister Lee, she is the Relief Society President in our ward. She feeds us quite a bit and then we have lessons with them. This week we went over there and had dinner and then helped clean up her yard a little and then had dessert and a lesson, it was great! They really love us as well, and I think they are some that I want you to meet at the end of my mission :).

I knew that Aleman was about to ask you about the whole Sunday dinner thing! lol I love it! I am so glad that they love Mondays because of us, that makes me so happy :D. I am glad that you and Sister Ludovic are talking, you might get to meet her sooner than you thought, she says that in October they might be taking a road trip up to Salt Lake because their girls have never been there and they want to take them to Temple Square and all around...I told them that if they are still there on a Sunday that they should go to church with the family! Carrie is so funny, and she is really fun to be around, she is always either laughing or making others laugh or both!

I don't have the Janice Kapp Perry picture but I will defiantly hunt down the sister who took it! The room looks really good!!! I like it a lot, and that meal that you made looks really amazing...we had a meal at one of the members homes here and they made us meat balls rapped in bacon and it was to die for, so I know that I would really like the meatballs that you made! YUM

I am so glad that they are finally remodeling the Jordan River Temple and I am so excited for the ground breaking for the Tucson, Arizona Temple in October! Here is another link that gives you more detail of the temple:

I am doing ok, enough to make it through every day with the Lords help...Yesterday we sang in church, Donovan played the guitar to Be Still My Soul and then I sang with the rest of the Ludovics... Everyone loved the musical number and there was a great spirit that everyone could feel as we sang, I noticed because even the children quieted and were listening to it. Church was really good yesterday, I had a really good time learning and listening to what everyone else was saying and teaching. I have found that I have been able to learn things a lot quicker and comprehend things a lot easier and I know that it is not because of me...but because of the Lord. We have dinner covered for each day of the week...that is how good the ward is to us, and it is also good when the investigators sign up to feed you as well :). I love the blog, I get to see it every we email at a college and it is nice because then you can kind of take your time to write letters to your family which is really good for me because I get really over-whelmed fast. I want to leave you with a scripture that really struck me the other day...

Mosiah 17:20
And now when Abinadi had said these words, he fell, having suffered death
by fire; having been put to death because he would not deny the commandments of God, having sealed the truth of his words by his death.

I love you guys and hope that you stay safe and I pray for you all the time. I love hearing from all of you and I can't wait to hear more! I love and miss you guys!


Elder Jordie