UPDATE~July 20, 2015

Hello Mom and Family :)

I am so glad to be hearing from you this week, I have been looking forward to it all week :) Mom, stop braking yourself! I need you in one piece in two years! I am so glad that you will be able to stop wearing your neck brace soon, I know that you want to get that darn thing off! That is great about the Senior Choir performance, I would have loved to have been there to participate in the joy and laughter that it brought! I was afraid that Ad was going to have some sort of surgery with all that he has been dealing with, tell him that he is in my prayers and I am glad that he had a good time with you guys and tell him that I miss him too! I am so glad that grandpa got my letter, and that he read it...I gave him a lot to read, I am glad that he has enjoyed it.

I am going to be really excited to hear from Merna, and I have been anticipating letters from the Campbell's, so just mail them for them. I loved all of the pics that you sent, keeping me informed I like it..

I have been good this week, I have been thinking a lot about home though because Hermana Aleman and Elder Hernandez are going home this week and I have really grown to love them and don't want them to leave, they will definitely be friends for a lifetime!

 I have been thinking about you guys a lot, but then I remember what my fortune cookie said the other week "don't count the time, make the time count" I have been thinking a lot about that lately just because everyone is leaving..It is really hard for me some days, I had to give a talk yesterday on one of the interview questions for temple recommends and I felt like I did so crappy with it even though everyone else said I did good. The Ludovics keep loving us more and more every time we go over there : ) We had a ward BBQ this last Saturday and I had a great time getting to meet more ward members and interacting with the youth a little bit too.

Being next to the border was so unreal, I couldn't believe that I was only 1 minute away from being out of the United States it was crazy! It wasn't so scary, although that part of Arizona is almost exactly like Mexico with the little shops, and everything is discounted :) 

I love my companion Elder Donovan, we laugh a lot and have a lot of good times, he is a lot like me but also very different, he has been made District Leader this transfer because ours is going home, so I will be helping him with that too :D

 This week we were checking our mail and were walking back to our apartment when we heard a honk, I looked back and thought this random guy was honking at someone else but then he honked and pointed at the both of us. I was kind of wondering what was going on, so he got out of his car and told us that he sees us all the time and wanted a Book of Mormon to read...we were quite astonished and very excited as well, so we gave him one and he thanked us for doing the Lords work, and told us that he respected the work that we do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ...what an amazing experience!

Thank you mom for the scripture, it is going to help me a lot this week...I haven't thought of a scripture for you yet but I will have one for you next week, or maybe later today... Thank you for all you do, and the support that all of you are to me :) I love all of you guys, stay safe, and don't break anything else...any of you!


Elder Jordie :)