July 27th  2015~UPDATE ;)

Hello There Mom and Family,

 This week has been a pretty good week, we taught a kid named Andrew...he is close to our age and this week we taught him The Gospel of Jesus Christ. So to kind of give you an idea of what all led up to this, he came to church on Sunday and I think that his grandma who is active brought him. His friend Jose was at church and was doing a great job of fellow-shipping him so we had him as our member present, so he came on the day that I gave my talk and then afterwards Hermana Gregory got his information and then gave it to us later. When we taught him he was really taking everything in and really thinking, I asked him what he wanted from this or what he wanted in his life and he told us that he wants to have more positivity in his life and he believes that the Lord can help him with that. The lesson went great, at least I felt it did and then came the time to ask him if he wanted to commit to baptism, keep in mind that I haven't ever really extended this commitment before...so I asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and he told us that he thinks it is time, and he thinks that he is ready to change his life for the better :) I was so excited for him, both Elder Donovan and I were so giddy the rest of the day that nothing could shoot us down, we felt so good!

 I am so happy that you have already heard from Elder Hernandez! He is such a great person and missionary, that is quite the compliment that he gave me...he really changed my life for the better he was and is such a great example to me of what a truly Christ like person should be. Hermana Aleman is one of the best sisters that you will ever meet, she helped me with a lot of my challenges here and she is also a great example to me as well, of getting things done and always opening her mouth to share the gospel...I hope that one day I will be as good of a missionary as she was and is because once a missionary always a missionary.

 So we go over to Ludovics a lot and we have a lot of spiritual lessons and conversations about the gospel, last night we talked about God and the reasons why we decided to serve our missions and it was truly a great experience, and the experience of the whole family sharing what they feel and think is amazing, we are all helping each other to learn and grow!

I wish that I could have been there for Christopher's birthday! It sounds like you guys had a really good time having the neighbors over...I am glad that you put my name with Alexa's on that minion shirt! I LOVE MINIONS!!! Haha 

So you know that lady that acts mean that I told you about? Well we ate dinner with her again and this time it was actually really pleasant!..I really enjoyed dinner with her!! : )

So how are Tommy and Val doing? ..just wondering about them and want them to know that I love them :) Tell Lorene and Maxine, and Athalee hello for me and that I really miss them and expect them to be there when I get back from my mission ;)

I can see that you had a great time with the BBQ on the 24th with everyone, I wrote the Bambroughs and told them that I wanted to hear about some of their experiences because they are so funny!

I can't wait to hear more back from you, and I was excited to be able to share some of my experiences with you...people are really helping me to learn and grow. I guess Elder Donovan was in a meeting with President, and President told him that ever since I got here the Midvale Ward is doing better than is has been in a long time and that he has high hopes for me :) So if President thinks I can do it, I can! 

I love you guys so much and miss you a lot, I love the chances that I get to talk about you guys to other families and I am working on getting pictures for you. Before I go I have to tell you that we got invited to Skylar's birthday party (the one that we teach with her mom Selena) because she wanted her favorite missionaries there! I was so excited to be there, and they made a cool cake which I shall send pictures of.  

We have 3 baptism dates set up for the 22nd of August...their names are Daniel, Carlos, and Alexia...Daniel is 15, Carlos is 12, And Alexia is 10. I am so excited for them and can't wait for the baptism.

Our new Ward Mission Leader just got back from a business trip in Africa and brought both Elder Donovan and me African Masks which a really cool! FROM AFRICA!!! I will be sending it home so that I won't get damaged...that will be something to keep for a lifetime! I love you guys and I can't wait to here more!


Elder Jordie