August 17th, 2015~UPDATE

Hey Mom and Family!

This week has been a pretty good week, we have been able to teach a couple of lessons, one of them that sticks out to me is the lesson that we had with our investigator Debbie. We have been seeing her for a while and we have done the Restoration lesson with her and we just finished the Plan of Salvation lesson with her. We had some of the ward missionaries with us the Freeman's and they were really good with helping to teach, by the end of the lesson Debbie said it made a lot of she knew it already but didn't know that she knew it. We didn't know that the Freeman's used to be Catholic so when Debbie started to talk about what they believe Sister Freeman was able to relate to's weird how the Lord works isn't it?

Sorry this letter is getting to you so late in the day, we have had quite the day...the college computers are being dumb so we had to wait for the Sisters to be done with the two public computers that seemed to work, while they were doing that the mission office told me that they got my mission card then we headed to the mission office which is 30 minutes each way so in total it took us an hour to get that done.

I did get the card from the Campbell's and I really loved it, I will be sending them a letter soon. :)

 I am glad that the choir did so well with the singing and everything, you guys seem to be singing in sacrament quite a bit, that's good :). I am so glad that all of you had a great time at the BBQ for Christopher and Katherine's 1 year anniversary! Congratulations to them both! Those gluten free cookies look really delicious by the way...I want some! LOL (Best cookies ever made by Richardsons!)

 I am so glad that you keep in contact with the people here...I figured that it would help you as I am gone that you would be able to talk with them about me and get to know them. So Sister Lee says that they might be planning a trip up to Salt Lake soon, so you might get to meet them as well...a lot of people in Arizona have family in Utah, or they just take vacations up there so I hear the name Utah a fact the Freeman's are vacationing there here in a couple weird to have the members we are working with so close to you!

I really like the gold Sienna so I hope that you guys choose that one...if not I guess you will go new ;) LOL JK...I thought dad would like that. I am glad to hear that everything is going well with the scripture study and that Alexa and Sean are gaining the knowledge that they need to live in this world that is so controversial all the time with the good teachings and the bad. Good will become evil, and evil will become good...sadly that is the way the world is going and it is good for everyone of us to have the shield that we need which the scriptures help provide. I can't believe that it is already time for them to start thinking about going to school! That is so crazy, and to think I have only been out 2 and a half months...almost 3 ;).

I am happy to hear that my plaque is up in the church finally, I can't wait to see a picture of it! I have been wondering, this week actually, about when my plaque was going to go up! Haha... (He left in May but I suppose June is close enough! LOL)

I am super excited that everyone got all their thank you cards and that they all were talking about them....they are all the way from Tucson! They should be happy about them ;) I got a letter from Elder Hernandez the other day that really made me happy, so I have to write him back, and I still have to write grandma and grandpa Peterson back, I just haven't been able to find the time to actually be able to sit down and do it. Oh, and I am driving now!!! I am so excited, it is like a new freedom has just entered into my life!

Thank you all for supporting me in this time of my life, it is probably the hardest work I have done in my life so far...but I don't think I will say it was not worth it, even these little two months that I have been out I wouldn't take any of it back, so much of it has helped me to learn and grow...and with your help, everyone's but especially mom and dad's words of encouragement has really helped me, and with moms super senses in knowing that something was bothering me today, I am so glad for mom powers!..we have to go to dinner here so so I will wrap things up :).

I love you guys, and I pray for you all the time. Mom I noticed you took off your neck brace, heck yeah! Thanks for everything that you do, and for the continued love and support!

I want to leave you with this scripture that stuck out to me yesterday in sacrament meeting:

Luke 6: 9
Then Jesus said unto them, I will ask you one thing; Is it lawful on the sabbath
days to do good, or to do evil? to save life, or destroy it?

Love you guys!
Elder Jordie