I totally loved this and had to share!!! ;)

Hey mom,

I loved your email, and it helped cheer me up. ;)

I love when I get the chance to go out some where and people text you pics. So Roger is the one that texted you tonight and sent all those pics...he is our investigator, and his wife Claudia is a member, she became a member when she was 16 in Nogales, Mexico. She is such a sweet lady, and he is a great man...they will do anything to take care of us. Just tonight one of the Elders was saying that his bed was hurting his back because the mattress sucks. Well we were on our way home and Roger just pulled into a Target and bought him a Mattress Topper! He is such a good man! Anyway they took us to Pinnacle Peak which is an old western town that has candy shops, and a shoot out show, and of course a place where you eat. So if you have a tie on you are a outlaw, so they come over and ring a cow bell and make you stand up in front of everyone and they cut your tie off while they all yee haw! Lol it was so much fun, and the part that they cut off and hang in their steakhouse with your name, where you're from, and the date. It was awesome! So I was thinking when you and dad come we should go there. They have such good chicken breasts! Anyway thanks again for the email, and I love you!