Sept 8, 2015~UPDATE ;)

Hi Mom and Family,

This week has been a crazy week, I have a new companion and I am relying on myself to remember all that Elder Donovan and I did, and who we all saw so that we can either try them again, or go see them again. There was nothing really about the whole Labor Day weekend for us as was just another day, but of course yesterday the college and library were closed and I didn't want to write you on the iPad because typing is a lot easier for me. And we did get to go to dinner at the Ludovics as you probably already know and we got to play games and have fun, Rose drew me a lot of pics that are hanging in front of my desk, they are so cool!

I can't wait to here about Sean asking Taylor to the dance, it sounds like you have a good idea of what he is going to do. And of course you have to send me a lot of pictures to, I want to make sure it was good! LOL (Taylors favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-A so Sean bought her chicken nuggets, fries and a chocolate shake, she loved it and said Sean was her new best friend!!! lol)

This week we have been able to focus on what we are going to do for the next week. We have been building a deck with Bro. Lusk, a recent convert of about 1 year maybe a little over, but we are building a deck for the Whitlock's...I sent a pic of them to you with me and Elder Donovan, then need a deck with stairs that have a 4 inch rise and a 12 inch run because they can't get up the steps very well. We are building it in the back where it goes down to their trash so that it is easier for them. I just love serving these people, they are such good people, the Whitlock's don't attend church because of their many health problems, but man do they have a testimony of the Gospel!

We have been trying to go and see some less actives this week, Bishop Gonzales has a 15 member list that we take and go see those who are in the ward boundaries but have never been heard from, so we try to go see what the deal is and why they aren't coming to church. It is mostly because of something that happened at some time in their life, but some of the time they say they want to come and ask where the church is, well for us it is 20 minutes away...down in Sahuarita...but for some of the people we see like in Three Points it would take them 45 min to an hour to get to most of them tell us that it is too far.

A couple days ago we got a referral to go see someone, and the referral was from Salt Lake. We went to this guys house and knocked on the door, when he answered he seemed like he knew us already. I asked him if he knew who we were, and he told us that he did...he kind of seemed pleasantly surprised almost, he came out and shut his door and told us that he is a member and that he hasn't been to church for a long time. He had gotten his wife to be baptized at the time he was active and then they went to their ward for about 1 year when the Bishop of the ward told him that it would be a good idea if they went to another ward (Spanish Ward). This guy didn't like that because he is Hispanic but he doesn't know Spanish fluently. So I can't wait to see what happens next and if we can get him and his wife to start attending church again.

It sounds like you guys had a good time up at Becky and Clarks, and mom you need to take it easy still even if that ride was worth it! LOL I know that the ward must have been gone for Labor Day because that is usually what happens when there is a holiday in our ward ;).

We went and visited Anthony in Sells and he was getting ready to go to a going away party for his nephew but he told us that this next week we could come back! So I am really looking forward to that and we shall see how that all plays out.

My new companion Elder Price is from St. Augustine, Florida and his family just recently moved to Riverton, Utah. He has been out for about 10 months, he is planning on going to BYU Provo so it’s good his family are in the way I see it, it has all worked out for him. His dad works in Taylorsville but he travels a lot and is two years away from being the VP of the company.

I love you guys and I have been having a better week, I have just been keeping busy and doing what I know how to do.

I have a scripture for you, something that has helped me lately:
Mosiah 25; 15-17

And Alma did speak unto them, when they were assem-
bled together in large bodies, and he went from one body to
another, preaching unto the people repentance and faith on
the Lord.

And he did exhort the people of Limhi and his brethren,
all those that had been delivered out of bondage, that they
should remember that it was the Lord that did deliver them.

And it came to pass that after Alma had taught the
people many things, and had made an end of speaking to
them, that king Limhi was desirous that he might be
baptized; and all his people were desirous that they might
be baptized also.

I hope that this email makes you happy, because I know I was happy when I sat down at a computer to write you. I hope that you have a better week and can't wait to hear back from you. Love all of the pics by the way and can't wait for more. Love you guys and I always am praying for you!


Elder Jordie