Sept. 21, 2015 ~UPDATE~ 

Hey Mom and Family!

I am glad to hear that there are packages coming my way! That is so exciting and I can't wait!

I love the pictures of the BBQ at grandmas, it looks like you guys all had a lot of fun! I was happy to see that Arlene was with you guys, she is such an amazing lady, so kind and funny :). I can't believe Katherine got to meet uncle Keven finally, after a year of being married to Christopher. I am sorry to hear that Alexa got sick after the game, I have noticed that it has cooled down a lot in Salt a lot! LOL

 Roger is doing great, so Isela's baptism was really was so cool seeing the fact that her kids got to see her make a major step in her life and be baptized. We had Roger and Claudia say the opening and closing prayers at her baptism because they are really good friends with the Gonzalez family. Loved the prayers, they were so good that you could feel the spirit really strong. While Roger was saying the closing prayer I could feel the spirit so strong that I know he felt it too.gospel is true and to see him take steps of faith is truly a great blessing to me :). Afterwards I told him how great his prayer was and then he told me I am thinking about the end of October, and I said for what? And he told me the end of October for his baptism. I was caught a little by surprise but then I was so happy for him, I know he knows the gospel is true and to see him take steps of faith, is truly a great blessing to me :).

 We are teaching a bunch of new people, we have been going through our records (Area Book) and taking them and transferring them to the new Area Book Planning App, so we have been going to see those who have been seen in the past years but then didn't want lessons anymore, well now they want lessons again :)

This past Friday we went to the Gila Valley Temple which is about two hours away from Tucson. I had a lot to pray about and I prepared by reading a lot of talks on the temple, and a lot of scriptures as well. I went in there with a new meaning on what I was going to the Temple for...I loved the temple, it was so beautiful and I just couldn't get over the fact that I was in the temple again. It kind of made me emotional because I had been missing being in the Lords house. I went through and by the end I was praying about a lot, about people individually, and about what I am here to do and that I have been trying my best. I prayed about a lot of people, but one person in particular comes to my mind. His name is Dennis and when Elder Donovan was here we got a call from him, he is a less active and wanted to get the missionary lessons so that he could come closer with his Heavenly Father again...he is in his 50's and we only went over there once...that was when I was four weeks into the field. I just told Heavenly Father I wanted to know how he was doing, that I was worried about him. On the way home from the temple guess who called??? Dennis! Oh my goodness it was an immediate answer to my prayers, like many answers I have gotten this week...but it just confirmed to me that the Lord is listening. Dennis apologized for not getting back with us, and told me that his life has gotten really busy and he didn't know when we could meet again but that he is reading the Book of Mormon again and praying, building that relationship with his Heavenly Father again. To me the good days are when others feel the spirit, and they feel the hand of the Lord in their life.

Aside from all the discouragement I have had from all the outside sources, I have been able to focus on the people and the work...the Temple was a life saver for me because I felt so much peace, and the love that the Lord has for me, he confirmed to me that everything was going to be all right.

Sounds like Sean had the time of his life before and after the dance! I am glad that he had fun, he looked very sharp by the way...and she had a pretty dress :D.

 So this week has been quite the week, the week where I got to witness someone coming unto Christ, the week where the spirit of the Lord has been stronger in my life, the week where I felt peace and comfort as I entered the Lords house. I got to confirm Isela yesterday, I haven't ever done that but she insisted that I do was truly an honor, and a blessing as I felt the power of the Holy Ghost and I know she did. It is so wonderful to have a special connection with a family like that, there are a lot of families I have a special connection with...all in different ways. But this is the family I got to baptize Alexia, and confirm her mom a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I just feel so much peace right now it is hard to describe the peace and joy that I feel.

I love all of you guys, and pray for you all the time. Get better, and know that I love you guys, and I prayed for you even in the temple. Thank you for emailing me and sending all those fun pictures that I get to share with others to show how awesome my family is. I can't wait to hear from you again and before I go I have a chapter for you to read, in which I received one of my answers in the temple...D&C 11. I don't know if you will get anything like I did, but it sure was a blessing to me! Love you guys!

Elder Jordie