UPDATE~ Sept. 14, 2015

Hello Mom and Family!

Roger and his wife Claudia are such an amazing couple, and they have a great family. I am so happy that we are going there again when you guys come to get me, I cannot wait for you guys to meet the McDowell's...we are going to have a lot of fun with them, heck I am still having fun with them, they are great!

This Saturday Sister Isela will be getting baptized and I am so happy for her. The change in her since I have gotten here has been tremendous, and that goes for her kids as well. She has such a good testimony of the Gospel and wants to help lead her family in righteousness. I love how she is making these important steps that Heavenly Father wants her to make, and I know he is very pleased with her desire to serve him in his church. She has already expressed that she wants to be sealed in the temple with her husband for time and all eternity.

We get a member meal every night here, the calendar is always filled up by the second week of the month, Sister Milliard is over our meal calendar in the ward and is always making sure members feed us, and the member trust in this ward is really high.

I loved the pictures of Sean and him asking Taylor to the dance, and I especially love the answer that she gave to him on our front lawn. That was so cool and very clever...why didn't I ever think of doing that? It's ok...I had some good dances that I went to. Which reminds me that Christelle sent me a letter and said that she has been talking to you a lot. I cannot believe that she is already home! I swear I was just at her farewell! I was so excited to get the letter from her and I can't wait to write her back. That also reminds me that when you are better you need to go to lunch with Hortencia and Cameron...they are still telling me that they want to go to lunch with you. Now that Elder Donovan is back you can have him there too!

I am so glad that you got to go out to El Chihuahua this week with Glen and Laurel...it sounds like you needed the break from you headache and go do something that you love and enjoy! I like doing the sealing's in the temple, especially with the group and sealer that we had last time.

I can't believe Tiffany had her baby, it seems like just yesterday she was baby sitting and still in High School. Time goes by so quickly, and that is what I am finding is happening as I keep going on with this mission. Time is speeding up as we are getting more busy, and people’s hearts are ready in this area and people are listening to what the Lord wants them to know. Essentially what the Lord wants them to know is how much he loves them, and how much the Savior loves them.

I am glad that dad got to talk to Grandma Snyder and see what all is going on there.  I am not surprised that they want to go on another cruise again...it must be very relaxing for them to go, I know I would love it if I was on a cruise ship every month! LOL

I am glad that so many here love me, and I am very lucky to be in this area. Everyone here has a special place in my heart and I will never forget them and all that they have done for me. Look at me go on, it's like I am already leaving the area. I think this will be my last transfer here, but you never know what will happen. So much good work is happening here that I just might stay for another one.

We had a great time with the Ludovics last night, they had us over for dinner and watched the video that you told us to watch. They are such a great family and are one of those that will always have a special place in my heart...Rose drew me some more pictures last night, let me tell you she draws some good pictures! She kept coming up to me saying "Snydice what would you like me to draw you tonight?" Haha it was so cute, and Carrie was being the nut that she is :D I am so lucky to have such great families around, and am lucky to have met all of them.

I love you guys and hope that your health gets better, thanks for the emails and the wonderful words of encouragement. Please email me if you have anymore questions, and know that I pray for you guys all the time and hope that everything goes well and everyone gets better.

Love you,

Elder Jordie