UPDATE~ October 5, 2015

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been a really good week, we had some good lessons with referrals and people the other missionaries had to pass off to us. This past Tuesday we went out to the Whitlock's to see how they were doing and ended up having a lesson on the blessings of the temple. They are such good people and I really feel for them as they are having a really hard time with all of their health problems. I was so excited to talk about the temple and how it has helped me in my life. They are such good people and strong in the gospel, they just can't really sit through church...and when we were talking about the temple Sister Whitlock started to cry because they haven't been for at least two years. She had a hard time because they used to go to the temple all the time, when they lived in the Midwest they were in the Nauvoo Stake and worked in the Nauvoo Temple, they said it was such a blessing to be in the temple all the time. So we committed them to pick a date that they can go to the temple, and to go...they said that they would do it because they want to get back to the Lords House. I love them a lot!

This weekend was full of inspiration and the spirit. I loved everything about General Conference this year, although I was really worried about President Monson as well, I really enjoyed his talk during the Priesthood Session of Conference when he talked about Keeping the Ten Commandments, and then Elder Anderson also spoke on having faith and believing in him. I am really having a hard time saying anything today...my mind is going blank. Oh yeah, so we had a really weird experience this week. So we went and found one of the less actives that the Ward Mission Leader had helped us with his address. So we get there and it is in the middle of nowhere! I honestly felt like we were somewhere where we could get shot or something. We pull of the main road and onto a dirt road, which really is not unusual for the Three Points area, we keep going on what seems like forever and finally end up in what seems like a junk yard. A guy comes out of this little trailer.. I then asked "are you Steven Helming?" he said "yeah, did Sandoval talk to you and send you?" (Brother Sandoval is the Ward Mission Leader) We told him that we did talk to him and that he told us to come see him. We talked to him for a long time, actually he talked most of the time, I guess his wife died three months ago and he doesn't have running water or anything! And then he told us that his wife wouldn't ever let him have a phone, or even let him drive their car...so he had no contact with anyone, until three months ago.We left after him talking for 2 hours..

Last night we went over to the Gonzalez families house to see how they liked General Conference and then we found out the it was Carlos' birthday and they wanted us to stay for cake and visit with them. They enjoyed Conference, from what they told us they really enjoyed watching it. Now we just got to go over there and actually talk about what they thought of different talks and talk about them a little more. I don't know what it is but my mind is really blank today. So I will end for now and email a little more later when I can remember some things that I wanted to tell you. Love you guys!


Elder Jordie