November 9, 2015 ~ UPDATE!

Hello Mom and Family,

I am so happy to get your email today, I have been excited all week to tell you my has been quite a busy week! So last Tuesday we went to the Golden Coral with a member and our truck was sounding just problems whatsoever. We get done with dinner and we go out and start the truck and it sounds like Elder Vance has his door open while we are driving but its not, there was a lot of engine noise coming in...we couldn't figure it out! Then we heard a pop when Elder Vance pushed on the gas and the exhaust sounded so loud! We took it to Roger right away since he owns his own mechanic shop and he told us to come in in the morning so that they could see what the problem is so that when we call our vehicle coordinator we could tell her what the problem was. So then we found out that the exhaust manifold disconnected from the engine so it was really loud!

So we went without a truck for three days which was not fun in an area like ours! We had to walk all day Thursday and we walked like 5 miles round trip which may not seem like a lot but in Tucson that is too much to walk! Then Friday thank goodness we had a Zone Conference that took up most of the day. I loved Zone was with the South Tucson Zone and Sahuarita Zone...there were only 6 English Speaking Companionships there and the rest were Spanish Speaking and there were like 40 missionaries there. President Passey gave us a training on Good, Better, and Best and wants us to focus on what we can do better and even better until we get to best...that includes making important decisions on what you are going to do. Sister Passey gave us a good training on listen to people you are teaching and asking inspired questions...towards the end of each of these trainings we do  role play, if you want to be a successful missionary you must role play to get better. At the beginning of Zone Conference everyone has to have a 2-3 minute talk prepared but they don't all speak. President picks a handful of missionaries to speak in front of everyone so it is always nerve-racking knowing that I could be one he chooses. The last two meetings we had he didn't pick on me but for some reason I knew he was going to pick me this time. He got up and started to talk about what we would be discussing during our conference and then he said "but first I want to here from some of you missionaries because that is my favorite part of the meeting, and not just because I don't have to talk" haha I thought that was pretty funny then he said "Hermana Anderson and Elder Snyder we will be glad to be hearing from you." Ahhh, I was so nervous but I remembered that I had to have trust in the Lord that he would help me overcome this fear...I had to rely on the promise in Ether 12:27. I got up there and started to speak on Faith in Jesus Christ and I added some humor when I was speaking mainly to help me feel better being up there in front of all these missionaries! I thought that I did pretty good, I honestly could have done worse...but after I was done and after Presidents training we had a break for about 10 minutes and everyone was thanking me for my talk, and said that I did really good. One sister told me that she was tearing up because of the inspiration she received during the talk. I was really surprised and I felt good after everyone's comments, I like to think that God was working through them to help me have more confidence in myself as a missionary :).

I am really happy to hear that everything went well with Mr. Wilsons memorial, it sounds as if it might have been a really emotional thing for everyone...especially with his stand all alone and the Orchestras and Bands playing without their conductor, that would be really sad. I love all of the pictures of it and of the parking spot, that is really awesome. I can't believe that all of the news channels covered his story and life, he was an awesome guy and I don't think you could ever replace him!

Mr. Wilsons parking spot :(  
Memorial tribute to Mr. Wilson at Murray High
Very emotional to see the stand without Mr. Wilson
 I love all the pics of Alexa and Sean in the Utah State stuff! They look so awesome, and the hotel looks pretty nice too! It sounds like you guys had a nice relaxing weekend that was needed indeed, I would have liked to have been there! LOL Tell Alexa that she needs to get feeling better and that I love her and miss her, I am so glad that they got their letters from me, I was wondering when they would.

Ok, so the thing with the letters is really weird, I just recently got a letter in the mail from Betty Wright and it was a letter in a letter, the first one that she sent was returned back to her, so she called Salt Lake and asked what the deal was I guess and so she sent me another letter that finally got to me...I will have to see what they are doing up there.. (quite a few of Jordans letters from those of you here at home are being returned back to you, he is trying to figure out what is going on...if you sent him a letter and this happened, resend it)

I am glad mom that you were asking all of the right questions for my college while being up there with Sean.. I am happy to hear that Sean and Lex are getting really good grades! That is awesome!

I love that experience that you had with reading the scriptures, must be important for you to know or something! I really like those scriptures they are really powerful and full of the spirit!

Yesterday we had a Regional Stake Conference Broadcast in the Stake Center from 10-12 that was really cool! Elder Collins Spoke...Sister Reeves of the General Relief Society Presidency, Elder Corbridge of the Seventy and Elder Dallin H Oaks. It was a very inspirational conference and I think they covered a lot of things that especially the youth need to know. One of the things I like that Elder Oaks said was "your phone should be YOUR slave, you shouldn't be a slave to your phone." He told us that we need to have more face to face interaction and that this skill is needed especially for those who will be serving missions, so he told us to get use to the fact of talking face to face...I love it!

This week has been a pretty hectic week, there has been a lot going on and a lot to be done and fixed. Mom I hope that you get feeling better and that you rest, and I hope that everyone who needs to get better will. I love you guys and pray for you night and day! Hope to hear from you soon!


Elder Jordie