November 16, 2015 ~UPDATE

Hi Mom and Family,

I have been having a good week this week, we have been focusing a lot lately on serving others and caring about what they need. So this past week we had a service project at one of the Elementary Schools here, and it was to paint the whole school because it hasn't been painted since it was built in the 1980's. The Principal was so happy to have us there along with a bunch of other missionaries helping. It gave us a chance also to share who we are with the other volunteers there which is always a cool experience.

So I can't believe that Grandma Penny was in the hospital or is still in the hospital, it doesn't sound like she was having fun going through any of that...tell her I hope that she gets better soon. I hope that she goes home today as well so that she can rest and grandpa can rest as well...I am sure this is taking a big toll on him and how he is doing?

Tell Ad and Athalee HI from me, I miss seeing them and especially going out to dinner with Ad. I can't believe he has been eating a lot of Burnt Almond Fudge Ice Cream...I wonder whose fault that is! LOL (MOM)

Oh my goodness I LOVE The Habit! I use to love going there with dad to lunch every Friday...I loved getting their burgers and Dad and I started to get shakes there about a month or two before I quit...they are some really good shakes and I am glad that you liked their Grilled Cheese...I don't think I have ever had that there because I was more focused on the burgers and shakes! YUM!

I am so jealous of you guys right is only in the 50's here and just raining off and on and here you guys are supposed to get snow today! NO FAIR!

That is not good that Alexa has had a headache for about a week, hopefully that passes and she can get all the way better. I cannot believe how much she is growing, she is going to be so much taller than you I just know it...she might just end up to be 5' 11", that would be really funny! (Jordan gets me good with this as he knows I don't want to be shorter then all of them!! lol)

I did hear from Aunt Ruth, and I am happy that people have been writing.

I am so happy that you guys are so far into the Book of Mormon, I love the subject about the 3 Nephites, we were just talking about that the other day with the Whitlock's and it was a really cool conversation. I think that would be cool if the Prophet has maybe crossed paths with them, and because that Prophet is so spiritual I am sure he would know them when he sees them.

I didn't know that Merna shattered her foot, that is not good and I didn't know about the surgery that she has had to have to fix it...that does not sound fun at all!

I am doing pretty good, getting kind of nervous for the transfers coming up on the 24th because I know I am going to get transferred...I am kind of sad that I will be leaving the area that I love so much...but I know that it is time to move on to somewhere else...I just have that feeling. I have had Sierra Vista on my mind a lot but I don't know, it's just because I think I am going farther out in the could just be me. I can't believe I have been out this long it will be 6 months soon and when we Skype I will have been out 7 is going by somewhat fast for me, actually this transfer has been a blur but I am sure that it goes by slow for you's gonna be a long winter!

I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you!


Elder Jordie