December 7, 2015~UPDATE

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a lot better week for me, I have been able to keep warm while eating my treats thanks to your package that I have previously received. This place is really small to me still, but I am getting used to it...the more that you meet the people the more the homesickness starts to go away. The people here are really nice good people and I am starting to enjoy the area a little more. It is a good little town that seems to be growing on me which I thought it never would because I loved my last area so much, but you can't compare Duncan and Midvale at all! Thanks again for sending the sweaters and coat.. it hasn't been as cold as Utah weather has been for you guys but it gets a little chilly out, I am missing the snow right now. And I haven't seen many Christmas trees in peoples homes yet...I am sure that they will put up trees soon. I just want it to be as normal as it can be for the Christmas Season but there is much missing from the full experience. I MISS SNOW!

So for the last P Day activity we went with a couple of Elders that are in our District and went down to Lordsburg to pick them up to go on a hike in Animas, and all these places that I am talking about are in New Mexico. We went with a lady that the Lordsburg Elders know, and she is a Biologist so she was able to point out plants and rocks to us and tell us about was really cool! We were going to go into an old abandoned mine that was up in the mountain that we were hiking on but the ladies light was not bright enough for us to go in...I was kind of curious and wanted to see more, it was really cool from what I could see, but the other part of me didn't want to because I knew that it could be a really dangerous activity, so I was okay that her light wasn't powerful enough to go the rest of the way in.

Today we took a trip to Safford, they have a Walmart there...I never thought I would be as happy as I was when we pulled into the Walmart parking lot. We got the stuff that I needed and couldn't get at the Family Dollar that is in Safford is like a mini Utah, it has a ton of when we were leaving Walmart a member offered to take us to McDonald's to eat and while we were there we got to know this person we didn't know and it was really cool to do something like that. On our way out of Safford back to Duncan we stopped at the Domino's there because Elder Phillips said that the missionaries get free pizza there, sure enough we went up to the counter and they said that we could get a medium pizza with any toppings, so we got a meat lovers! YUM!

I feel ya mom, about being sick...but not at the level that you get sick at. I am coming down with something right now that has moved to my throat and I think it is just a cold but I am hoping that it does not turn into strep throat like it usually does because of my tonsils. I am glad that you are getting the stuff you need to help you get better , I am worried that I will get really sick and not be able to continue working for a couple of days...I went to Walmart today and got some theraflu stuff for sore throats and a couple other things that I might need to help me get better. This Wednesday we have a Zone Meeting, where I will get to meet my new zone and we are all meeting in the Stake Center in Silver City which will be really exciting because I have never been there before so I get to see how it is! Yes, I am eating just fine and we do have dinners every night for the rest of this month...since we are over both the Duncan Ward and the Virden Ward we get a meal every single night...which is really good!

Our house on Lovers Lane, complete with two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and living room with couches and side tables. Newly painted inside and I think that it is quite a nice home. This home use to be placed in Safford 45 min west of Duncan but the owner Wilbur Lunt bought it and put it on his property for the missionaries to live in. Wilbur and his wife Marion are in their later 80's and he is still farming cotton and corn on his acres of property. He is one of the 50 Lunt's that live here.

This past Saturday we had a funeral held at our church, and the funeral was for someone who belonged to the Church of Christ. There was a lot of people that showed up to it, and because of this the people were looking for a bigger building to have the funeral in. Well, the bishop of Duncan Ward is very missionary minded and very loving, so he offered our building for them to have it in (since it is the biggest building in Duncan.) We had a good time greeting people, saying hello to them, and bishop was determined to have us seen helping out so that people would see that Mormons were normal people too. So we helped out with the luncheon afterwards and there were a lot of people there and they didn't say one negative thing about having the funeral and luncheon there, in fact they really enjoyed it. In Ward Council yesterday bishop thanked us for doing a great job and by being seen in the community so that if we ever knock on their doors or run into them they will know us... That reminds me that in Sacrament Meeting yesterday in the Virden Ward I got the courage to go up and bear my testimony which I felt impressed to do...also the stake was doing a fast for Family History Work and Missionary Work which I think is really awesome!

I didn't know that Alexa was in the Bell Choir, or maybe I did because it kind of rings a bell lol. I bet you she is going to do so good , I am really glad to hear that Alexa is getting her confidence up to sing, that is so great...and Sean and her are singing in the choir, that is too awesome!

Me with Hermana Olivas and Hermana Ferwereda the monday before I got transferred to Duncan. I love these sisters! They are so awesome...served around them in my area... (Love that they can have fun, the sister missionaries are awesome!!) 

Thank you for all you do and I love and miss you guys so much, especially during this time of year. I am so excited to be able to see you guys on camera soon!!! Love you guys and I still pray for you all the time, and pray that you are all doing well, and get well too!


Elder Jordie