November 24th, 2015

Hi Mom and Family!

This week I have been really anxious to tell you that I will be moving on from the Midvale Ward to Duncan, a small town right on the border of New Mexico and Arizona...I will be serving in two wards the Duncan and Virden Wards! Virden is in New Mexico and Duncan is in Arizona...all we have to shop at is the Family Dollar! UGH! I have been told that it can get cold up there, and maybe even snow I don't have anything to keep me warm. I don't know what I am going to do about that but I guess I will figure out something.  (this is all you have to say to a mom, that very day, off to the post office went his coat and 2 sweaters!!)

This weekend we got to help with the el Tour de Tucson and it was really long! We had the 12:30 to 5:00PM shift where we were placed at the barricades to let people through when there was a gap in the bikers. I had a lot of fun but it was really hot and I got a little sunburnt because there wasn't a cloud in the sky! It was really cool seeing all of the professional bikers, and some bikers where there just for fun. I have some fun pictures to send to you of the el Tour but it was a really big deal!

That night we had Stake Conference at 6:30 and we still had to shower and everything for it when we got home from the el Tour! We hurried and got showered and went to the Stake Conference which was really good...I think I am going to love everyone of those because President and Sister Passey always attend and speak in the meeting...I love their talks, they make everything so simple and clear and everyone loves to hear from them...they are awesome! So I found out the Bishop in Duncan was President's AP that picked him up from the airport when he arrived to his mission quite some time ago, what a small world!

Tell Christopher that I am so happy that he passed with flying colors and I didn't doubt for a second that he would pass the test! He has worked really hard for everything that he has been achieving.

I love the pictures of Sean's Fall Ball, he looks really good and I like the colors that they were in...I miss Cafe Rio so much! I still have a craving for it and Mexican food in general! You know being in this part of the country you would think that you would get a lot of Mexican food, but not in my's weird that everyone in the ward usually gives us normal everyday food. I need GOOD Mexican food though, although we do get really good Mexican food at the Gonzalez house because Isela is from there...her tacos are SO GOOD!

Oh my goodness, tell Sean that he is awesome for getting a higher score on the ACT test! That is awesome and I know that he will be able to get into the school that he wants...SUU is kind of far but that would be a good experience for him.

You guys are going to have a great Thanksgiving, I hope that G&G Peterson start to feel better and that all goes well for grandma getting better. I would love to hear Patriarch Bowles and Sister Bowles speak! They are such great and wonderful people and I miss them. You know there are just sometimes I miss certain people while being out here, but then I have to think that it is only 1 year and a half away. I bet Christopher is going to be amazing with the musical number he is going to will be especially pretty because Katherine and Kelly will be playing along, oh how I wish I would be able to hear that. So it is 1 month and 2 days away when I get to see you all on Skype and I can't wait to see all of your faces!

I am glad that Sean got a good Orchestra Teacher who respects what Mr. Wilson had set up for them for the year. I was gonna say anyone who replaces Wilson should respect him and the work he has done with the Murray High kids, they always sounded really good when they would perform...I loved the Jazz Band!

I got to have dinner with Sister Lee and the Robles last night...that was really fun and I enjoyed that a lot, after that I went and said my goodbyes to the McDowells and told them that I would try to make my way back to Tucson!  They are going to send me a pumpkin roll homemade and they said that they want our families Christmas Card so I will get you their address later :)

Today is my last dinner with the Ludovic Family and I am going to go see the Gonzalez Family and the Sandovals tonight as well...I will get pics!

Thank you for your prayers and I am glad that Roger sent you the photos from last night! I will be sending more photos and I hope that you will like them! I love you guys and pray for you as well, and I hope that everything is going well with everyone! Love you guys so much!!!


Elder Jordie