November 30, 2015~UPDATE

Hello Mom and Family,

Oh my goodness where so I even begin?! This week has been one of the craziest weeks of my life!!! So Tuesday I got transferred to Duncan, AZ as you all know...and I was really nervous for what was in store, 3 hours in the transfer van, that is how long the ride for me was to Duncan. I am trying to get used to the REALLY small town, to someone who has lived in the city their whole life, it definitely is different...

When I got into Duncan I was obviously expecting a small town so that wasn't too bad for me, but then I was nervous to meet my companion that I would be having for the next six weeks. Elder Phillips has been out for about 4 1/2 months and has some fire in him...which to me I didn't know how to handle because with some things I have to take it kind of slow so that I can enjoy the ride, all in all he is a great guy and we are getting along real well. I have never taught missionary prep or seminary but apparently in this ward the missionaries have been teaching it...Yesterday in church they asked me to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting which by the way I have never done before, but I did it and was very thankful that I got the chance to do so. So my companion got the flu on Friday and we spent almost all day inside the house while he tried to get better and eventually he did.

There are a lot of nice people here though, even though the small town is really hard to get used to I met a lot of nice families. We had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner with the Jones' in Virden, NM and it was really good! There are SO MANY people related here, you can tie just about everyone back to each other in this town. One of the members was telling us that they had tracked everyone in the ward and did the genealogy and everyone in the town is related except for like 2 people! Wow! I am so glad that you got the picture from Sister Basteen...she and her family are so awesome, they basically told me that if I ever need a place to go and talk or just to have fun if I am having a bad day, that we are welcome anytime...their family is pretty cool.

With Elder Phillips in Duncan Arizona

I am really missing the families in my old area...its weird because I have like a kind of possession over that area, if anyone messes up that area I AM coming back to haunt them! Hey mom, I hope that you are getting better...give me an update on all you have been doing to contact doctors and such to help you get better. I loved the package you sent and the card from everyone...that really made my day better :) I loved the treats that were inside and the coat that you sent me was the right one...thank you for the sweaters they are really gonna help keep me warm, the people in Duncan said that we should be getting snow sometime soon so I am going to need everything that I can get to stay warm :)

So like I said I had a good Thanksgiving, I really wanted to stay in my first area for that...I had to call the Gonzalez family this week to let them know how sorry I was that I didn't get to see them before I know it does your heart good when your recent convert is telling you to have faith in the Lord, and trust in him. When I got off of that phone call I was so could just feel the spirit as Isela testified to me that if I trusted in the Lord that everything would be all right. I missed being with our family this year, and members really understand that so they try to make everything good so that it is easier on the missionaries. I missed grandmas sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top...YUM!  And the scalloped corn and stuffing and all the rest of the good stuff that we usually have, that raspberry pie looked really good, I am licking my lips right now...probably because I am really hungry and we have to eat still.

I have heard from many people that Christopher, Katherine, and Kelly that they did really well this past Sunday and I am very sure that they got a 5...LOL ok they deserve a 10 don't they! I love how Pat gave Kelly the Peanut Butter Cup Cookies..

I have been doing ok so far... I love you guys and I am so glad to have been able to hear from you to see how things are going, by the is the car shopping going? I can't wait to hear from you guys again and to see what else is going on...I really like the pictures, and how bout that basement huh? It's looking pretty good if you ask me ;) Love you guys and I pray for you all the time!!!


Elder Jordie