December 28, 2 015~UPDATE

Hello Mom and Family,

I was so happy to be able to speak with you all on Christmas and to see all of you, that was even better if you ask me! So, I was wondering what you guys might have expected the Skype to be if I had changed a lot in the way I act, or was I going to be serious. I don't know, I guess I am just kind of curious as to what you thought it would be like.

My favorite Christmas pic ;)

 So the sweater that the Ludovic's got me buttons up at the top with four buttons and it is a really nice print. I am really loving the people here and I am still meeting more of them believe it or not! LOL They are such great people that want to help us a lot with all the missionary work that we are doing and everything like that. It does make the biggest difference in the world when you get to enjoy what you are doing and the people around you enjoy the work that the missionaries are doing. The Passey's are so awesome, I am sure that you can tell from all of the things that I told you about them, they are wonderful people that is for sure :)

It sounds like all the concerts and everything were a success, it must have been nice. You had a really busy Christmas Eve, were you able to get ready for your party?
I am glad that you invited the Richardson's to the party.  I am glad that you guys had fun playing games I wish that I could play some fun, wholesome games with the family this time of the year!

 I bet you guys are going to have a really fun New Years Eve party this year, the games are always really fun and you're is the best with Paul and Ann. That game Googly Eyes that you are talking about sounds really fun!

I am so happy to hear about all the good things that are happening coming from what the Lord has asked us to do. There truly are a good amount of blessings that come from reading with the family and taking the time to make sure everyone knows what is going on, and helping each other learn. I want to kind of tell you some of the things that we teach people, in the Restoration Pamphlet there is a point in it, and that point is "The Gospel Blesses Families." And it says that "Although family relationships can be challenging at times, Heavenly Father blesses us as we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. These teachings help us strengthen our families. And then I think to myself how true that is, especially in this day and age when the world is turning upside down and everything is becoming corrupt, you can totally tell the families that live Christ's teachings and it does help to strengthen our families and truly does bless us in all that we do and are going to do.

My Christmas was good, after I got off of Skype with you guys we went to a Less actives house for Christmas dinner/snack whatever you want to call it! LOL But it was really nice because they wanted us to come over, we actually had someone else set up to feed us but then they couldn't, so this family enthusiastically volunteered to feed us which was really awesome. Then we went to the Smith's and they gave us a boat load of food and goodies which was really awesome. Sister Smith found out from her daughter in Safford that she could text our moms and take pictures and send them! She was so excited, she said that the next time that we come back that we will just have to do that. After the Smith's we went over to the Basteen's to chill for the rest of the night and that was really fun! Had some good conversations and fun while we were there. So, that is how the rest of our Christmas went, it was just a really laid back kind of day, which is a day I have been needing for a long time! Anyway, I love you guys and can't wait to hear back from the way I love all of the pics that you sent, especially you're favorite Christmas photo! That was awesome! Love you all!!!


Elder Jordie

Christmas breakfast w/the Merrells ;)

Christmas Eve w/the Basteens ;)

Earlier in the month w/the Zone Leaders