January 11, 2016 ~ UPDATE

Hello Mom and Family,

First off I know that you are anxious to know if I have a new companion or not, sorry I forgot to tell you in my last email to you...yes, Elder Phillips and I are staying another transfer together.

I am so excited because this Thursday we will be going to the Gila Valley Temple to do some endowments, I cannot wait to go to the temple again...as you know I really love the Temple, and the peace and comfort that it brings into my life...especially missionary life!

So, I wanted to tell you that this past Saturday the Bishop and his wife had a wedding reception for their daughter and new son in law. Well, the son in law is Jason Sandoval...the son of the Sandoval's from my last area! I was so excited to see them, and when Michelle Sandoval saw me she told me that I was getting a hug because she is a mom, so I get a hug! LOL I loved seeing them there and catching up on what all has happened with the Midvale Ward lately. They finally put Midvale Ward into a Stake  ;)  The new Stake is called the Tucson South Stake. They now meet in the Tucson Stake Center which is forever away from them as well, why not keep them in the Sahuarita Stake Center? They got a new bishop, and the previous bishop Gonzales is in the new Stake Presidency there. A lot has happened since I left just about 8 weeks ago, so I am feeling quite out of the loop...

We did not get the truck fixed yet, as you know it needs a new alternator so they actually had to order the darn thing in! They just texted us today to know when we can have it fixed because they have the part now, we will probably end up getting it fixed on Friday so that we can do what we need to do throughout our week. On our P days there is nothing really here to do, all the Elders in our District are about 45min to an hour away...

We do have a baptism coming up on the 23rd of January and this will be the first baptism of the year for the Duncan Ward. I am pretty happy that Vic is getting baptized, but I hope that his wife Barbara will follow in his example one day. I am happy for him, and I am happy with the progress in which he has made to make it to baptism.

It sounds like Christopher is going to have a good time with his new job and everything, it sounds like they are going to treat him well also. Is there only one training that he goes through in Salt Lake? When is he going to fly a Cesna?

You guys are making it really far into the New Testament, I am so happy that the reading is helping you guys...and before long you will be starting the Book of Mormon again. Maybe Alexa needs some simple visuals to help her understand the ministry of Jesus. Maybe Seagull Book would have some things to help her out.

I am so glad that Matthew is thinking about a mission, honestly I think a mission is the way to go and that it helps you as you are helping others. Please make sure that he emails me and I would be happy to help him out as best as I can...

I love you guys and hope that all is going well, you are continuously in my prayers and I will be putting your names in the temple this Thursday. I love and miss you guys so much, but can you believe that in 4 months I will hit my 1 year mark?


Elder Jordie

These pics show the inside of Jordans "pink" house..it is quite a cute little place and I am so proud of him for keeping it nice and clean ;)