January 18, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

 I was excited to be able to go to the Gila Valley Temple, it was a nice break. So Thursday we went to the Temple and I was able to feel the peace that I have been longing for since our last temple trip. I also went in with the intention of getting the answers that I needed to help our investigators and less actives in our area. I did get the answers on how to help them, and every time that I go to the Temple it is just another testimony to me that the Lord does hear and answer our prayers, that he does love me and is pleased with the work I am helping him do.

After the temple we had one of the Zone Leaders go with the Clifton Elders and one of them came with Elder Phillips and I because it is required that they go on exchanges with us at least once a transfer. That night we got to teach a kid named Joseph who wants to be taught, he was brought to church by some of the young men in Duncan Ward and they had been talking to him about baptism. Well, we were teaching him with his friends there and they were and excellent help...this is a kid who has been on drugs and is now in the foster system staying with a foster family here in the Ward. He has a sincere desire to change his life around, he says that he wants to know how to have a better life and he wants to know what god wants him to do. Well, we went through the lesson and I asked him if he would follow the example of the Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God, and before I could finish asking that he had already said that he would! Later on he went on to tell us that he has been praying about the Book of Mormon and about Baptism and he had always been getting a good feeling, like the direction he wanted to take was the right way. I am so excited for him!

I am so happy that you got an email from Sister Duval,  (this sweet sister sent me one of the most heartwarming emails about my son and his service in her area, I am so happy he is in contact with this family, it makes a moms heart happy to know her son is so kind to others and so well liked and that there are good people out there like this family who take care of our missionaries and love them like their own...May God always bless the sweet people in Arizona.) she asked for your email and I gave it to her right away...she is a nice lady, really funny too and she is a very knowledgeable lady and always has great stories, and she teaches us a lot of cool things! I am glad that it helped lift you up to have a better week this week, that email sure gave me a lift and helped me to feel a little better about what I am doing here and how others perceive what I am doing as a missionary here in Duncan. You know, Sister Duval and some of the other ladies talk about us...she lets us know that she does, and she said that every missionary gets a nickname here so the nickname they came up with for me was Elder Pretzel and Elder Phillips is Elder Screwdriver.....LOL

I am glad that you liked those pictures of the skinned cow ;) LOL I thought that Paul and Ann would really appreciate that too. I am glad that Donovan has been trying to keep in contact with you, he really wants to meet you and I really want you to meet him...he is a great guy! I would love for you and dad to go to the open house in Brigham City, please be there for me...if I was there you know I would be going! It would mean a lot to him and to me if you went and supported him :). Yes, Aleman was wondering when you guys were going to get together so that would be good if you would message her. You should be getting a message from a Kennedi Ferwerda, she is home now and she is in a lot of pictures with me...I told her to get in contact with you because you're pretty awesome!

Thank you for the email and I will try and get pictures with all of these people here that you want. I am looking forward to going to the Mesa Temple possibly, the Basteen's might be able to take me since it is on Feb 15th and it is a holiday. I am so happy that Sister Robles will be making covenants with the Lord that are so sacred and that will bless her life and I want to be a part of it. I love you guys and can't wait to hear back from you and I pray for you all the time!


Elder Jordie

With Hermanas Olivas and Evans