January 4th, 2016  NEW YEAR UPDATE!! :)

Hello Mom and Family,

I had a really good New Years, we didn't really do much though because as missionaries there is not a lot you can do during the holidays. I am glad that you guys had a really fun time on New Years, I bet going to Outback was a lot of fun! It's sad that Delton got sick, and Elaine was having problems with her shoulder...that does not sound like any fun! Tell them that I said they need to get feeling better and that they are in my prayers.  I wish I would have been there when Tommy and Val were on their funny kick, I love when Tommy makes so many funny jokes!

Oh my goodness that  Googly Eyes game sounds so fun! I think the part where you were telling me about Athalee drawing on herself was soooooo funny! Haha I so want to play that game when I get back, I need to have some good fun with the people that I love and know! That is so funny about your Superman that you drew, I probably would have never been able to guess what the heck it was! Was it hard for people to guess what things were? That game that Ann took over sounds like it would have been so hilarious! Especially with people who were there.. LOL I bet that I would have known all of the songs too, I love the oldies a lot and of course you know that ;).

Mom, I am so glad that your foot is starting to feel better...I want you to take really good care of yourself for when you come out to Arizona to get me! Wow, It sounds like your kitchen set is starting to all come together and such.  ;)  I bet that you loved everything that you got for Christmas, it really sounds like you do! I loved talking with you guys too, that was probably the best Christmas present for me to get. I cannot believe that in 4 months I will get to talk to you again and will have almost been out a year! AHHHH! I am going to love the bowls that Christopher and Katherine got you...oh sorry they are mine right? I LOVE ICE CREAM

I am so glad that you guys continue to read the scriptures, I love all of the conversion stories in the New Testaments and has really helped me in my conversion while being out here in the mission field and studying, and finding out for myself. I love the ministry of Jesus, and how he never did anything for himself...it was all for everyone else, and then he performs the greatest act of love...the Atonement to top it all off. I love speaking to people about that, it was so fun this past Christmas Season to be able to share the Saviors birth with others, and to here their testimony on how the Savior has given us hope, and that we can have peace in our lives when we choose to follow the Savior, and how much better it has made others lives as they have turned to Him for his help.

I know I wanted you to write earlier and I am so glad that you did, but I have to apologize for writing kind of later...today our truck was making a funny noise so I had to call our vehicle coordinator and tell her what was going on. Well, I couldn't figure out what the squealing noise was coming from so she asked us to take the Truck to Safford to have it looked at. We went to this Mechanics Garage called Austins and they checked it out. They told us that we were going to need a new Power Steering Pump, and that since the Truck was still under warranty we needed to do it at Johnson's Nissan/GMC. Well I was thinking "why in the heck didn't they send us there in the first place?!" and the service rep and Nissan asked us the same question. Well, come to find out we didn't need a new Power Steering Pump...we needed a new alternator! Oh my gosh mom NEVER get a Nissan, there has been so many things go wrong with the ones I have been in...this one just barely hit 30,000 miles! It is ridiculous! So they ordered us a new alternator so we are going to have to go back in the middle of the week.

The teaching is going good, we have one baptism coming up on the 23rd of January. This guy named Victor was coming to church for 10 years so everyone always thought that he was a member...well come to find out he is not a member. So he gets the lessons and he is all set for baptism. So he got married on the 19th of December and now he is getting baptized this month...hopefully his wife will get baptized soon as well. This area has a lot of Less actives that we are working with to bring back to church,

I was so excited to here from you and how your holidays all went. I can't wait to here back from you and I love to hear what all is going on and I still pray for you guys every day and night!


Elder Jordie