UPDATE~ December 14, 2015

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been a good week, we have seen a lot of people and I am getting to know Duncan more and more and beginning to love it...I really don't mind that we don't have all of the luxuries that I am used to anymore, it is weird! There are so many good people here and they are all really good with helping us to move the work along. I am really loving my companion, it is the first time since Elder Donovan that I have really gotten to know my companion really well in the first two weeks, I can't believe this will be my 3rd week in the transfer...the time goes by so fast yet so slow as well. We have dinner every night and are getting to know the members really well, there is this one family who is less active that is just so awesome...the Smith's, they are in their 60's just a husband and wife and they have the funniest stories! Anyway they love us and every time that we come over, one time they were talking and they asked us if we had a Christmas Tree, well we didn't and so we told them no...they didn't even hesitate, she told her husband to give us the extra tree that they had and that they didn't have any ornaments for it but they would get some the next day and the lights as well, the wife told us that it's not Christmas without a tree...I was so excited because it is quite a big tree, in fact 7 feet tall...it was so fun decorating it and putting it in our pink house on Lovers Lane ;)

Awesome to live in a pink house on Lovers Lane!! ;)
I am really excited for Christmas this year, but sad that I won't be with the family...but I do get to Skype! I can't wait to get the packages coming to me in the mail from all of you and can't wait to see all of your faces that day as well! Mom, I can't wait to see what you sent me now...you said you made it? Those kinds of gifts are the best kind of gifts, and since it is from you I know that it will be awesome...I am so excited to see it now. (I thought he might like a stocking that was similar to the one his Grandma Snyder made him on his first Christmas but give it a touch of Arizona...made a stocking also for Elder Phillips ;)....)  

 I know that I am going to be excited to see everyone's gifts that day, it sounds like I am going to have a good Christmas in the mission with all that will be coming my way!   I loved the picture that you sent of the snow! So jealous of you guys right now, I would love to have as much snow as Utah is having right now...you are going to have to send me a picture of it tomorrow when it gets even higher! I LOVE SNOW!

I feel really bad about Helene not doing so good.. I will be praying for her ...she is supposed to live to 100! I am glad that Christopher played for her anyway, that was really a good thing for him to do for her and I am sure that at the end she was so happy that he came and played for her. I know that it was amazing as usual, sounds like quite a few people were there to support the Taylorsville City Messiah...that is really good.

I am glad that you love my area and the people in it, the people here really like to text the moms, I haven't met Sister Merrell yet but I am sure that she is really nice, and I am happy that they are having us over for Christmas breakfast, and I knew that they would be taking a lot of pictures for you, they have a son out on a mission right now so I am sure that she understands and wants to see pictures all the time! LOL I am glad that you like our house, I got some pictures but I forgot the camera at home and will get them to you later.

Yay, I am so happy to hear that Alexa's Bell Choir went well...I was wondering how all that went and everything, I am sorry to hear that you and Alexa got sick...I had that this past week but it didn't leave me with an ear infection, I actually thought that it would turn into strep but it hasn't yet...I keep taking Dayquil and Nyquil and I think I caught it early enough to keep it from going that far, but I did throw up however and the members that where going to feed us that night brought dinner to us because I didn't go out of the house the whole day!

I am doing good, I am just trying to get over being sick...it kind of sucks because I am tired all the time because I am up coughing at night and don't get to sleep until way late! The other night I got like 3 hours of sleep and had to go to two wards the next day.  I sent dad and Sean an email today so I hope that they got them and that they write back...I am just glad that I finally had some time to do so today. I know that I will be in this area for a while because President likes to keep us in areas for 3 1/2- 4 months, but I have a feeling he might keep me here for 6, but I don't know...I love you guys and keep praying for you and I know that the Lord is with each of you every single day. I can't wait to hear more back! Love you!!!


Elder Jordie