February 8, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a really good week for me, especially because I got to take a trip to Tucson. Though I am sorry to hear about the loss of Maxine Morgan, I loved her so much and she knows that I did...I remember always going over to get muffins from her and to give her the sacrament in her home. She was a wonderful woman, but she is finally with her husband and that is all that she wanted. I love how she loved our family so much that she wouldn't let anyone take our pictures down in her house of us with her, she is definitely a special woman. I am so glad that you had that wonderful experience at the funeral of Maxine, I know that all of us will really miss her, but I am comforted in knowing that she is in a place that she has longed to be in for a long time.

Favorite pic of Maxine with Jordan and Sean ;)

On the back of funeral program
This past week as I said before we went to Tucson as you know and it was a nice break for me.  Then while we were up in Tucson our vehicle coordinator called and said "I heard your in Tucson, would you mind coming in for a car inspection?" Oh my goodness, just another thing I had to worry about...but all was well. The doctor told me that with you having Hashimotos they would like to get my thyroid checked just to make sure everything is good, so they had me do a blood test and the results haven't come back yet.

We had a baptism on Saturday as you know for Joseph! It was a wonderful baptism and all went well...his family was there, and his old foster dad from Sierra Vista came up and his real brother as well. I love this kid a lot, he has turned out to be a really good person.... You could really feel the spirit at the baptism it was awesome!  He wanted us to go with them to R&R Pizza in Safford, and I told him that we would...of course we would. So we went and had a really good time, and had to come back to Duncan for another dinner that we had scheduled. All in all it was a great baptism, and the confirmation went smooth, as you know I was the one doing the confirmation I assured Joseph that all he had to do was sit, and I would do all the talking ;).

I LOVE this young mans sock and shoes :
A couple weeks ago we had a dinner with the Richardson's..they are in the Virden Ward. Well to kind of back track I have been craving Buckwheat Pancakes for a long time...ever since dad introduced them to me. We were at Sister Duval's one day and she asked me "do you like buckwheat pancakes?" and immediately I told her that I love them! I didn't know why she was asking me this, but usually when she asks we go to a dinner one night and she is there with the thing that I said I liked. Well, we showed up at the Richardson's and Vera was there...we walked in and it smelled like breakfast so I was okay with that, then she made sure to tell me that the pancakes were buckwheat and I just about shouted for joy! Haha That was one of the best dinners I have had just because it included something that I had been craving for quite a long time! Sister Duval says that she has to take care of her missionaries and you know that she always does!

Thank you Sister Duval for taking care of our missionary ;)
I am so glad that Alexa is having a fun time with all the parties Kaylee is having...sounds like a nice break for you guys as well. I am so happy that she is excited to be my Valentine, I knew that she would be happy but I didn't know how she would react to the email...from what you are telling me it was definitely priceless!. I am glad that you are going to celebrate your first part of your treatment being over, I surely would...I am very sure that dad had a good birthday and I am so glad that he liked the card that I bought him...I thought it was pretty funny!

I love you guys and you know that I pray for you always! I am looking forward to next Monday because that is the day that we go to the Mesa Temple for Celena...the Basteen's signed up for dinner that day so I guess we will be eating in Phoenix :D. Love all of you so much!

Elder Jordie