February 14, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been quite the week, especially waiting for the transfer news and everything. I will be staying in Duncan for another transfer but I will be getting a new companion whose name is Elder McCaffery...I think that is how you spell it...he was trained by Elder Vance so I have heard of him before. I think that this next transfer in Duncan will be a really good one, especially with everything picking up...the teaching should be picking up quite a bit which is really good for us and for everyone else. By the end of this transfer we should have some baptisms if everything goes as planned.

This past week we have seen a lot of people, although we have not had the time to go and see everybody which is really weird because we usually do. We went and saw all of the people that we usually see like the French's, and the Smith's and Sister Duval...but this past week we had to go to a Zone Meeting in Demming, NM which at first I was not so excited to go to because we had to drive so far and long just to go to a two hour meeting, but I actually really enjoyed going there in the long run because it is another place that I can say that I have been :). It was cool and everything, the food was even better because we went to this Chinese restaurant called China Restaurant that was really good! They have really good Orange Chicken and it is really cheap...I paid $10.00 for a heaping plate of Orange Chicken...keep in mind that they brought out a plate that was huge and lets just say the chicken is going to end up feeding me 6 times...the rice was $1.00 and then I had my drink. I know that dad and Christopher would really like this place, I know that I really do!

We have gotten a lot of referrals this past week which is really good, a lot for the Duncan Ward really, a whole family. The mom is trying to get active again and has realized that something has been missing from her life, so she thought that she should come back to church. Well, in doing so she wants her family to enjoy the same peace that she has found in the gospel so she is trying to get us over to her house to start the lessons which will be really awesome! We met her family at the Valentines Social that we had on Friday and they were really nice, we had a DJ there and everything which is pretty awesome and the moms little boy went out and danced on the dance floor...mom you would have loved to see him dance because this boy had moves, and I think that he is 8 or 9...I can't really remember.

Oh yeah, so I was going to tell you a little more about the Zone Meeting that we had. It was a good meeting, we talked a lot about taking your turn when you are teaching lessons and did these role-plays where one companionship is teaching another and the other companionship has one Elder point at one of the missionaries he wants to talk in the "lesson."  But then we had a good training by one of the sisters on asking inspired questions, and it gave me a lot of good ideas on how to handle the less actives that we have and how we can bring the spirit more fully into their lives. As you know we have a potential investigator for the Virden Ward and I am so excited to start teaching them!

Thank you for emailing and I love and pray for you all! I hope that all goes well with your health and that the Lord will always be watching over you! I love you and Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Jordie