February 22, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

I know that you are anxious to learn about everything that went on this past week and I am very anxious to tell you all about it! So, as you know transfers were this past Tuesday and my old companion has moved on..I have a new companion, and his name is Elder McCaffree. He is a nice Elder and I think that we will do well together in Duncan especially with all of the people that we have to teach now. My new companion was trained by Elder Vance and he always talked highly about him, so we will have to see how all of it goes. This week we have a Zone Conference in Pima which is north of Safford where Elder Phillips is now serving...I cannot wait because I get to see the Passey's again! I love their training's as you know and I just love them in general.

Last Monday was our trip to the Mesa Arizona Temple for Celena Robles to get her endowments done...brother and sister Basteen took us to the temple and we left Duncan about 5:00AM so that we could get to the temple on time. We had a lot of fun conversations in the car on the way up, and I even slept a little bit...we finally got to the temple 3 1/2 hours later and it was awesome! We went in and I was getting my stuff at the counter and I saw one of the people from Midvale Ward and I got so excited! I was so happy to be there and in a state of unbelief really that I was there. The session was so special, I could feel all of the people there for Celena...I knew that it was a special day for her.  Then we went to the Golden Corral afterwards to celebrate...it was fun seeing everyone that I knew there, I even got to see Elder Vance which was pretty awesome! I was so thankful and appreciative to the Basteen's taking me and my companion up to the temple so that could be a part of something so special...Celena was crying because I came to support her...she said that it made her day so much better when she saw that I had come :).

I am so glad that everyone is doing good.. Thank you for the emails and thank you for your prayers...you guys know that you are always in my prayers everyday and I hope that you all stay safe. I am getting anxious to send you pictures so I will go ahead and do that for you! Love you all!

Elder Jordie