February 29, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week hasn't really been all that eventful with the teaching pool. We haven't gotten over to see the new referrals that we have received...however we are going to just go to their homes and set up a time that we can come over and teach them.

Elder McCaffree is from a place in California called Valley Center, a small town...so here in Duncan he is pretty much at home. He has been out for 15 months and was trained by Elder Vance so I know that he must be a good Elder right? He is pretty easy going and chill like Elder Donovan and Elder Vance...President knew exactly who to put me with I guess.

Mom, I am excited to see what the Merrel's do for my birthday...how did I know that you were going to ask someone to do something for me? The French's are going to bake a cake for me for my birthday and we are going to have quite the party for four people! Yay, I am going to love it so much! We will be eating with Sister Duval on my bday, she is taking us out! I can't wait!!!  I was so happy to see the message that you sent to Celena about her endowments and her reply back...I really can't wait for you guys to meet and talk, that will be a very fun day! I love that family so much and I know that
 you already do!

So, this past Friday we had a Zone Conference in Pima and it was really good...I really enjoyed it. You know that I love to see the Passey's and their training's were wonderful as usual, although Wednesday night I got a text from President asking me if I would prepare a 3 minute talk, and it had to be on a miracle that Jesus performed but that I could choose the miracle. So then I was worrying about preparing the talk, and I was worried about giving the talk in front of not only my zone (New Mexico Zone) but in front of the Gila Valley Zone. The night before I really prepared by praying that the spirit would lead and guide me to know what to say even though I had the talk all written out and everything. Friday I was the first one to speak, President did an introduction to the Zone Conference and then one of the Gila Valley Zone Leaders introduced that I would be speaking first...I looked at President because I was on the front row, and he smiled and winked and then gave me a thumbs up ;). As soon as I got up there I knew that the spirit was with me and I was able to relax and take my time...my talk ended up being about 7 minutes and everyone thanked me for it afterwards. The miracle that I chose was on the woman with the issue of blood and how she was healed because she had the faith that by touching the Savior's clothing she would be healed, that is my favorite miracle that happens in the Bible.

I am so glad that you guys were able to go to Kade's open house for his wedding. It's about time that all of you met in person finally! Did you see Hortencia or Cameron there at all? Nicole seems like she is a really nice gal. The friends that you make on the mission are friends that you usually will keep and that will be in your life until the day that you die, and I know that he will be one of those...just like Hortencia and Cameron and many more!  I don't see people like Elder Kump anymore because we are in different Zone's...he is in East Tucson which of course is really far away from Duncan and the New Mexico Zone! LOL I want to be companions with him again though, I think that it would be a lot of fun...especially seeing how we both have changed since the time we were in the MTC together.

I am going to go ahead and send you some pictures of the Zone Conference and some other fun pictures...I loved the pics that you sent me by the way!  I love you guys and you know that I always pray for you and your health... ;) Love you guys!

Elder Jordie