March 14, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been a pretty good week, we had to go to a Zone Meeting in Silver City where we learned all kinds of things to help us to be more effective missionaries. We learned How to Begin Teaching which is setting our expectations and letting the people know that we teach that we are going to ask them to do things, and it's going to be challenging but assuring them that it is all worth the work...we learned how to lead that into the first discussion The Restoration and it was really kind of difficult because I have never done that before, it was a good thing they gave us some time to role play! Then we learned more about teaching to the needs of the people that you teach, it falls under teach people not lessons and I usually always love the trainings on that because I like to focus on the needs of the it was kind of easy but kind of hard at the same time because some of the questions some people have are hard to answer!

We have been seeing a lot of people this week which is always really good to be doing since that is our job! Lol But with the new challenge to teach the Restoration once a day for the whole month of March we have been trying to keep our goal and teach someone everyday and so far we have kept up the record, so far we have taught it for 13 days and tonight when we teach someone different that will be 14! I love this challenge because I can see myself getting better at teaching it and now I don't have so much anxiety about teaching it anymore. Now we get to start teaching the Plan of Salvation more often to those who have been taught the restoration these past 13 days so that is exciting..

I have been really excited anticipating my birthday and know that you have been planning some things for this week! I cannot wait for the package that is coming my way, and thank you for the tracking number so that I can make sure that everything comes on time! I am kind of glad that Arizona doesn't do any time kind of makes it nice in the way that I don't have to adjust to anything, only you guys have to ;). I am so excited for the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple, it is such a pretty temple and I know that you guys will have a good time at the dedication. Easter is coming up and I want you guys to watch the new Easter Initiative the church has put out, I really like it: and I thought the worlds largest virtual Hallelujah Chorus was pretty cool too:

I am so glad that you got connected with Sister Doss, she is an awesome sister who has a strong testimony of the gospel, and we hit it off really well in the MTC...:)  This past Saturday we went to Sister Duval's and cleared some weeds on the side of her house and we got to burn them! Haha Afterwards she tried to poison me with a Grapefruit pie! But it was actually really good, I never thought that something like that could be good at all! She got us some new rakes for weeding because I guess we were just too strong for the other rakes that she had because they busted last week when we helped weed her backyard. This Saturday we are going to be helping re-roof someone's house in the Virden Ward, I am staying on the ground because as you know I am scared if heights!

I am excited to hear from you guys, I am just excited in general...I hope that everything is going well with you all and that you gain the health and the strength that you need. I hope you know that I always pray for you guys and make sure the Lord is mindful of you all! Tell Katherine I say Happy Birthday, there should be a card in the mail for her at our house. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Here are some pics of the Tucson Temple at just 5 months progress :)

Elder Jordie