March 21, 2016 (Birthday E-mail)

Hey Mom and Family,

I know that you are all so anxious to hear how the birthday week went for me so here I go. We started off the day with a District Meeting at 11 on my birthday but hey...I am a missionary that's what happens. So for lunch we went up to Gimmees for lunch up in York, it is a pretty good restaurant and went there with the district and a member happened to walk in and paid for all of our meals...even told us to get dessert! So of course I had to get some Ice Cream! I got the package at the door of our house after we came back from the lunch and was so anxious to get that thing open! I loved all of the gifts and cards that everyone gave me! I loved the candy and the brownies, and the cookies and just EVERYTHING! It really made my day to get everything, thank you for the shoes and the slacks that I wanted and for even the ORANGE STICKS! YUM! I love everyone so much  ;) Then we went over to Sister Moreno's and hung out there with her until dinner which was not so far away anyway...then we got to dinner at Wanda's, I walked in and around the corner there was Sister Duval and Sister Waits with their cameras up videotaping my reaction as I look at the plate at my place at the table that has all these mints around it and I knew that you mom had been up to something! It was a fun dinner...I was really excited that day just because you made sure that it was a really special birthday on my mission.  Everyone here and there made my day so special ;)

The next day we had dinner with the French's because I told them that it was going to be my birthday a month ago and they put it on the calendar. Sister French made some bomb Lasagna it was so good! It was the kind that even if you smelled it you gained 10 pounds! Then for dessert she made a really yummy apple crisp with vanilla ice cream on top! It was soooooo good, they even gave me a birthday card...a maxine one that was so funny signed by them... They are some awesome people, everyone is awesome...

,,Sister Duval, Sister Waits, The French's and Sister Merrel for making me an awesome Birthday Cake.

Jordan had an apt in his old area in Tucson and these dear sweet friends threw him a surprise party on that day but his apt got cancelled and he couldn't make it, he was so sad but they got some cute pics to send to him ;)

Thank you for helping to make my birthday awesome, and all those who sent me cards, books, money and many other all rock! It sounds and looks like that Sean had a really good birthday, I am so glad that he did... I know that Katherine probably had a good birthday and I hope you guys get together soon so that you can do something with her for their birthdays, I did get their card in the mail and I really loved it ;) was personal and even had a gift card in it ;)

It is getting a lot warmer here in Duncan, it was up in the 80's and I bet you wish that you guys want to be having that kind of weather up there in Utah. This past Saturday we had to be in Virden at 7 AM for a service project...we were putting on a metal roof for someone on their double wide and it took until 1:00 Arizona time to get it done. It was really fun, I stayed on the ground of course because I am afraid of heights and being on roofs in general, so I helped hand up the metal roof parts and got a sunburn which is now gone and tan! I would have loved to have been there for the dedication of the Provo City Center is such a pretty temple and Hortencia gets to be a temple worker there...I am so excited for her! I am glad that Alexa got to go even though she was feeling a little under the weather, and for her to be so reverent! So cool!

The teaching is going really good, we have a lot of Less Actives that we are focusing on which is really good because you got to leave the 99 to go get the 1 right? I love working with Less Actives because they are such wonderful people and so open to what you have to say and what the spirit has to is good for us to be in these people homes because it brings the spirit that they have forgotten about, and I love seeing how everyone changes over time!

I love you guys and thank you again for the Birthday that you made so wonderful for me! I was so happy to be able to enjoy my 21st birthday even though I wasn't was actually kind of nice being in a quiet town and having it be so chill and not so rushed for my birthday and with good people that are here. I always pray for you guys! Love you all!

Elder Jordie