March 7, 2016

Hey Mom and Family,

I have had a pretty good week this week, the challenge that President gave to us to teach the Restoration at least once a day is coming along really far we are meeting our goal and it has been an awesome experience so far! I love this challenge because it is helping me to become more familiar with teaching the lesson and helping me to remember the points on what comes next in the lesson. We have had the lesson with members, less actives, and recent converts. So awesome experience, we taught the Restoration lesson to the Smith's...I didn't know how well that would go but it went really good! They had so many good comments and when I asked who God was to Pete she answered with an answer I had never really thought of before but it was really good, she said that God is constant, I just really liked that! At the end of the lesson Brother Smith thanked us for the excellent lesson. He told us that the lesson was good for them because it reminded them why we are really here, what it is really all about. I love the Smiths so much.  I love seeing the miracles that I see on my mission, I don't have to have a baptism but it is all about the imprint that you leave in peoples hearts, the little seed that you plant so that it can grow into something eternal.

I am really excited for all of the birthday's coming up, that just means that some people will get some cards in the mail from Duncan, AZ!.

I did enjoy Zone Conference and I am glad that I was able to do well so that the Passey's could see all that I can do.  I am glad that you liked the picture of us at the Merrel's, we took those selfies when Sister Merrel was out of the room, I bet it gave her a little surprise! I am so excited that you are trying to get together with my whole mission gang that I love so much and know you will love all of them just as I do, they were all so awesome to me when they were here and they really blessed my life so much!

Grandma and Grandpa Snyder have not written me yet, I have been wondering when they are going to send me a letter or something :) I would love to hear from them :) I did write Grandpa Gerald last week and Grandma Penny wrote back with a really nice email, I always love when they makes my day! I am happy that you loved the picture that you got from me from when I was at the Zone Conference...I was pretty happy that day especially because I had just gotten done giving my talk and as you know all went well!

Thank you for telling Matt to email me, you just keep bugging him until he does ;). I am definitely going to have some great friends when I get home, I am so excited to be able to start the rest of my life with people who are such good people around m...I love to share my mission with everyone because it is quite the experience and I am having fun.

 I loved the pictures that you sent of Diane wearing two different kinds of shoes on her feet, I thought that was awesome! I can't believe with all that Ann has gone through getting a new liver and everything that she has to go through the cancer. I am so heartbroken for the whole family, I wonder how Athalee is taking all of this, and Mike too. I hope that everything goes well with Arlene's surgery, I know that everything will go well because she has to be able to hang out with me after my mission!  I love the pictures that you sent of Sean and Alexa, they are so funny I love them! ;).

I am glad that you guys are doing as good as you can be, and that all is going well. I am so glad to hear that you are still reading the scripture, that in itself will bring a lot of blessings to the whole family. I have met some amazing people on the mission, and I know that you know that...but those people are what make it all worth it because it is hard to be a missionary, but I love looking back and seeing the progress I have made as a missionary and the progress of those I have taught or are currently teaching. I love you guys and hope that all goes well this next week, and keep me posted on some of the things going on during the week!

Elder Jordie