April 4, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

You have probably already heard that I am going to get transferred back to Tucson, right now it is a really bittersweet kind of situation because I have really learned to love Duncan and Virden and all the people here. I have been saying goodbye to a lot of wonderful people who I cannot wait to come back to see how they are doing, a lot of them mean so much to me. These past couple of days that I have been saying goodbye's people have been telling me that I can't go, that they can't send me away...a few people have even been crying because they don't want me to leave...and I don't want to leave. But there is something new for me to do, I will be serving in the Pantano and Camino Principal Wards in Central Zone in East Tucson...my new companion is going to be Elder Hansen who is just finishing up his 12 weeks of training. It is going to be an interesting situation and I am anticipating the time that I get to meet my new companion and get to see my new area, it should be great...I hear that I even get a Toyota Corolla in my area!

This past week has been so crazy! So, we had P day last Monday of course, then Tuesday we went to Tucson to go to my doctors appointment and to meet with President Passey. Wednesday President Passey picked us up at 2:00 PM to take us to Lordsburg to have a follow up meeting on the March challenge of teaching the Restoration at least once a day. When he picked us up he said that he wanted to climb to the back to get some shut eye and asked if someone would drive the van, of course I jumped to the opportunity and told him that I would drive! You know that we have those TiWi boxes that tell us to check our speed, and aggressive drivings, basically yells at us all the time if we don't drive the speed limit, and you have to sign in with your TiWi card. Well President told me that I could drive on his card if I wanted to, but if I got an aggressive driving he would have to put me in a bike area in El Frida! LOL We all laughed about it and I told him that I was signing in!  Then Friday we finally had a day to just work in Duncan and see the Smith's and people that we hadn't seen. Then of course Saturday was General Conference so we went to watch the Morning Session at Peggy and Kenny's, they are members....wonderful people and I have pictures with them for you. Then Saturday Afternoon we went to watch it with the French's and she was making Tuna Casserole so after the Session we just ate there and went to Priesthood Session at the Stake Center. Sunday Morning we went to the Basteen's to watch the morning Session and while we were there they made us pancakes, sausage, and bacon! YUM! Sunday afternoon we went to the Moreno's (which is Joseph's family) to watch the afternoon session there, it was a lot of fun!

So I have gotten a few pictures of some of the people that I have loved working with while here, one of the families is named the Crabtree's. They are wonderful and there are only two...Lloyd and Martha....So we went to see him last night and he wasn't feeling too good, and his wife Martha is so good with helping him... she is awesome...they are wonderful people and I want you guys to meet them when you come get me.

Lloyd and Martha
Kenny and Peggy 
Sister Duvals goat Sammy loves the missionaries :)
Missionaries love to play with Sammy
I am so glad that you guys enjoyed conference just as I did, it's cool to know that we may be on different time zones but we were all watching the same thing getting the wonderful nourishment our spirits need from our Prophets and Apostles...that reminds me that in the meeting in Lordsburg with President Passey he announced that an Apostle will be coming to our mission to train us on April, 27th but he doesn't know which one yet...but the great thing is is that every missionary gets to meet and shake hands with them! YAY, I hope it's Elder Holland!

I did get a birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Snyder, it was an awesome card and I enjoyed it a lot...really it was a beautiful card! I loved all of the pictures that you sent to me...mom I gotta say that I am loving the shoes! I am so glad that your treatment is almost done with so that you can stay better.

Anyway, I am going to go ahead and send all of those pictures that I promised to send...this will be my last p day in the town of Duncan and I have loved being here and I don't wanna leave but the Lord needs me elsewhere! I love you guys and you know that I am always praying for you hoping that the family is doing well.

Elder Jordie