March 28, 2016

Hello Mom and Family,

First off I just want to tell you guys, Happy Easter as well! I had a good Easter yesterday, we went to these peoples house in Virden...the Jensen's and we had ham, potato salad, corn, asparagus, and much more! It was a really good dinner and I really enjoyed being there a lot, we had a lot of fun.

I want to tell you an experience that I had just this last Friday at the Smith's, Sister Smith has been having gal-bladder attacks since past December and they have to go take it out...well from surgeries a while back they had to put a mesh on the front side of her abdominal area so that everything would stay in place, so they have to go in through her back or side and this is a bit scary. Well she is going in tomorrow to have it taken out and they are thinking that it will be an out-patient thing which is really good, but she asked us for a blessing. So we got up to give the blessing and I was thinking that Elder M. might be giving the blessing but she wanted me to do it, so I was like okay...kind of worried about what was going to be said, and then a verse came into my head "trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding." That verse brought me great comfort in knowing that the Lord was with me at the time that I needed him to bless someone else. So I started to give the blessing, and so far I haven't given one that was all directed by the spirit, but this one definitely was! When I got done with the blessing I couldn't remember what I had said or anything...all I remember was Sister Smith looked at her husband then at me, then at Brother Smith and said "Wow, that was a good one!" and then she told me the comfort that she had gotten during the blessing, and the love that she felt from our Heavenly was a really emotional thing to happen, so afterwards I gave her a hug and she told us that she loved us :) I love the Lord! And I love the Smith's ;)

It sounds like you guys had a really good Easter, and some yummy food to eat. Now it will kind of calm down until Alexa's birthday! LOL I cannot wait to get my package that will be coming in the mail from you all,  I am happy that Sean got accepted to SUU and SLCC!  I think that he should choose to go down to SUU because I think it would be a good introduction to going on a mission type thing! But that is so awesome! I am so glad that you guys are still reading the scriptures, that is so awesome and I am sure that you have seen a lot of blessing that have come from doing that, I know that you have already told me some of the blessings that you have noticed from doing it.  I think that it is a great idea for you guys to go down to Cedar City, and I hope that you do get that Sienna to be able to do that! LOL I think that it will be a good thing for everything to be fixed on you car, so that it will be all good for me when I get home! :D

We aren't planning on doing a lot for today, we are just going to email and Elder M. is going to get a haircut that he really needs, other than that we aren't really doing anything.  I am glad that Sister Merrell was excited that I liked her cake! I really did, it was so good that I couldn't stop eating it! I can't believe that it is still snowing in Utah, but that is always a good thing for you guys because that means that you get more water...especially with the last winter that sucked and barely gave us anything...we needed this one!

I feel so bad for Ann's family and all that they have gone through and all that they will go through, it is good that Ann is in good spirits because when you are like that you are likely to live longer...just like Lee did. I am going to have to get a picture with her in her cute blonde wig (you heard it straight from Jordan Ann!!)  and I can't wait to see what has happened with Mike? How is his health?  I am glad that you are feeling better and that things are starting to look up, I have been praying a lot for you and I know a lot of other people have been doing the same, I know that you are going to pull through this just fine! That is cool that Cameron got engaged!

 I am going to be a Senior Companion again which means I get to do all the driving...I kind of want to go to Sierra Vista or back to Tucson when I do get transferred. I love you guys and thank you for all of your prayers, they make a huge difference in my life right now, and I agree nothing really makes you appreciate someone like distance does ;) I can't wait to hear back from you and see some pictures! LOL

Here is a cute pic that Sister Merrell sent to me of Jordan with her family before he transferred out...thank you so much Missy ;)

Elder Jordie