April 11, 2016 ;)

Hello Mom and Family,

I know that you guys are anxious to hear all about what has gone on this past week for transfers and I can't wait to tell you! This past week I got my new companion Elder Hansen and as you know we have a Toyota Corolla to drive around now, well we carpool with the other Elders that border our area because those Elders are on bikes...so all my stuff and the other Elders stuff barely fit! It was amazing that we were able to get it all in, although my biggest suitcase had to sit on the Elders lap in the back...it was really kind of funny! I got to the apartment and it was a mess! I told Elder Hansen that this was going to change. So I started to clean everything and I swear when I clean it becomes contagious and my companions start to help me clean. Now the apartment looks nice as you can tell from all of the pictures that I have sent.

I have gotten to meet quite a few people this week, two who are going to be baptized this Saturday and and I am so happy for them. I have gotten to be involved in lessons with a lot of people and surprisingly I haven't been really nervous and I feel really comfortable in the area that I am in, the apartment, and comfortable with my companion. These people here are great people, and I do miss Duncan, which reminds me that Elder McCaffree texted me yesterday telling me of a miracle that had occurred at church. So we have been working with the French's for a while, when me and Elder Phillips started seeing them, well I have felt that things have been progressing with them and it became easier to talk about the gospel with them, and eventually we watched conference with them and it was awesome...well Elder M. texted me and said guess who was at church today? And I asked him who and he told me that the French's showed up!!!!! I was so excited, and I realized right then that the Lord blesses you for all your efforts. Brother French apparently told Elder M. that ever since we have been coming over he has felt good about coming back to church and is going to read the scriptures from now on with his wife!!! How is that for great news???

This pic was taken in Dunford with Elder M.  We bought the ties and signed the back of each others. I am gonna miss being companions with him, he has become a good friend and he is a good missionary.  A lot of great missionaries out here. :)

Serving in these two wards is going to be really fun, we see a lot of less actives...and we have knocked on a lot of peoples doors this week trying to see them, or trying to find out if they even live there anymore. We have been working so hard that at the end of the day I just fall onto my bed and fall right asleep and then it is another day of hard work, which is always a good thing! We haven't had many dinners this week because of last week being General Conference so the dinner calendar did not get passed around so we have been having dinner for about three days with this family The Basham's...they are really nice and they love having the missionaries over, they have a funny sense of humor but I think it is hilarious! Also, Sister Moreno came down to get some medical records in Tucson so she took us out to a place called Panera Bread, it was so good and she got me a birthday card and gave it to me, she even found out that I love Almond Roca so she got me some of that too! I love her and her family, they are all so awesome and I am feeling so loved!

With Sister Moreno :)
Sunday we went to church in the Pantano Ward at 9, it was a good fast and testimony sacrament meeting and you could definitely feel the spirit of all the peoples testimony. Then we had to head to the Tucson Stake Center after sacrament so the we could go to Camino Principal's Stake Conference, both wards that we serve in are in different Stake's. It was a really good Stake Conference and I got to meet our new Area Authority which was pretty cool, the Stake Conference ended at 12 and I noticed that Midvale Ward now meets in this building so I thought that I would stick around to surprise everyone. When I went in I saw Sister Lee and headed straight for her, she was so happy to see me there and I was happy to see her...then everyone started to come up to me to ask if I was serving in their ward again, they were so excited until I told them that I was just visiting. Then we were headed out the door and Celena and Skylar walked in...they were so glad to see me, and when Celena looked up she was startled and then she started to smile and she said "you just made my day!" It was so awesome, Sister Lee and the Robles are taking me and my companion out to dinner soon, they are just so excited and I am too!

I am so glad that you got to talk to Sister Smith, she is an amazing lady and I just love those guys to death, I would do anything for them! That is so awesome that you got connected with that person who ran across my blog, I am so glad that you got her in contact with the sisters of my mission family, and I am glad that they helped her out so much!

I am so glad that you are doing better.  I hope that you love the pictures that I have sent you of our hike today at the Saguaro National Park...it was pretty awesome. Everything is coming up and I am going to have to get more cards for those with the special events ;) I can't believe that Alexa is going to be 10! That is so crazy to me, although I can't believe that I am 21 either. I hope you love this email and you know that I pray for you guys all the time and pray for your health and safety, Heavenly Father has been good to all of us. I love you guys and can't wait to hear back!

Elder Jordie