April 18, 2016

Hello Mom and Family,

This week has been a really crazy busy week! Oh my goodness this area has so much potential it is awesome! As you know we had two baptisms this past Saturday, they weren't really mine but I loved being there. The Elder I have replaced was working with them and finally got them to baptism, they are really awesome people and we have already had some really good spirit filled lessons with them. I am so happy for them and can't wait to help them in the process of getting them to the temple, that will be a lot of fun! So far I am really loving the area, it is not that close to Midvale though, Midvale is South and the area I am in is North of Midvale and wayyyy East. We didn't go on a hike today because I was really sore after the last hike, so sore it has been lasting now 1 week! I have been starting to do more workouts though because that hike let me know that I am out of shape!

So we are teaching this 9 year old, I came into the area in time to give the second lesson to her. She is a wonderful little girl, and her family are returning members who want her to have the lessons and to be baptized. The family is super nice and the mom is really quiet but the dad does a lot of talking, in the lesson this past time we really tried to include the dad because they are returning members. He was really good about answering questions and the spirit really brought his experiences with the gospel to his memory. Kayla is really awesome, she reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon and keeps all of the commitments that we give her...the spirit was so strong in the lesson that we had just this last Wednesday that all I could feel was joy and happiness, and every question was directed by the spirit. At the end of the lesson I kept having the thought that I should ask them if they have home teachers, so I did and they told me that they didn't but that they would like to have some. So then I turned to the mom and asked her if she would like Visiting Teachers, and she said that she would love that...I feel as if we made some progress in warming up to the mom because as we left I shook her hand and she put her other hand over mine and thanked us for coming over and giving such a wonderful lesson...it was AWESOME! And for the rest of the night the spirit didn't leave me, it surely strengthened my testimony of the power of having the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

We also are seeing this man now, who we just met the other day. He is endowed and hasn't been going to church for about 6 months now which is not too long but he still needs to get his butt to church! LOL He has a lot of anxiety and deals with depression and has some concerns about people telling him he has gained so much weight, and apparently that happened at church. I was able to connect with him right away because of his experiences, and he feels that all the church wants him to do is very overwhelming especially Home Teaching. Well when we were there I was able to share with him how I have dealt with that feeling and told him that you just need to take it one step at a time. He felt a lot better about that. and then told us that he was drinking coffee again, and he wasn't going to tell us but that the whole time he had been talking to us he had been feeling guilty for doing so. I felt very sorrowful for him, which I have been feeling a lot lately when people don't keep commitments, or they don't gain a true testimony of Jesus Christ. And as I felt sorrowful about this the Spirit told me that I needed to be bold, but loving with him. So I said "ok, we are going to be coming over every week, and we are going to have to ask you to start reading the scriptures, will you do that?" And he said that he would, then I said "we don't want to overwhelm you with everything but please know that we are going to ask you to come back to church...even if it is just sacrament meeting because that is the most important of all." And that really hit him, you could tell that the wheels were turning in his head, and he said that he could work towards that goal. I am glad that he now knows what to expect from our visits, and I am so grateful for the Spirit and how it guides and directs my words.

This past Tuesday we had a surprise temple trip to the Gila Valley Temple and I have some pictures for you that I think you will enjoy!

I can't believe that you are going to be speaking in Sacrament about your missionary, I wish I could be there to hear you speak LOL What has it been like 6 years since you have given a talk? Haha, serves Sean right for saying yes for you and then he gets to speak with the youth! I am so happy for Sean that he has chosen to go to SUU to start College! That is awesome that you all are going to go up to Logan for Katherine's graduation, and I can't wait until Sean graduates High School...which reminds me that Alexa has a birthday coming up! Oh man that chicken that you made sounds so good right now, I am really hungry as I am emailing you just because you told me about this new dish that you made!  I can't wait to Skype on Mother's day and it is coming up pretty quick you know, the time is just starting to fly by and I can't believe that I am going to hit my year mark next month, that seems so crazy to me!

Here is a pic with my new district in East Tucson.

I mentioned  in my last email that The Robles and Sister Lee were going to come and take me and my companion out well they took us to Freddy's :)  I loved seeing them!!

Elder Holland is coming to our mission!!!!!! April 27th to do some training with us!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

I love you guys and know that I think about you everyday, and I have been praying really hard for your health and protection...hope that you guys are still liking the new van, the pics you sent of it were awesome! I love it...okay I am going to go ahead and send you some pictures...just know that I love you a lot!

Elder Jordie