April 25, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been another crazy busy week for me and I am so glad that it is over! But this will just be another week of craziness and I can't wait to go listen and meet Elder Holland on Wednesday.

Got a special haircut to meet Elder Holland ;)
We have been teaching a lot of people this past week and it has been an amazing experience. I have gotten to meet a lot of new people going through some of the ward lists and as you know we went out to dinner with Sister Lee and the Robles family with some of the other missionaries serving nearby in Gina Robles' Ward. It was so fun reconnecting with the Robles and Sister Lee, we are going out again on the 11th and we are also going to Gina's house on Cinco de mayo (May 5th) to have dinner there! Its going to be so fun!  We have had some good lessons with some of the less active members in the ward, one of the names that comes to mind is the Jarvis family, they are a really nice family. The dad is in his late 30's early 40's and his wife is about the same age as well but I think that she said she is from Bolivia...anyway she is not a member but her husband and son are the less actives but they politely let us into there home and getting to know them was fun, they are really nice awesome people! We had a really good spirit filled lesson with them and you could see the spark come back into their eyes...we committed them to read the Book of Mormon and they said that they would ;)

The other person that really stands out to me is a person that we met yesterday and her name is Iddy. She and her husband just recently lost their 28 year old daughter, her daughter wasn't feeling well so they took her into the ER and that is where she passed away. Iddy is a less active member and her husband is not a member, one of Iddy's friends got in contact with us and told us to call her and set up an appointment because she really needs us in her life right now. When we met Iddy I knew right away that we would get along just fine, she is a really cool lady...she told us that when she gets feeling better she is a cool mom! Haha I love her already! She is Haitian which is really cool , and she has some really beautiful Haitian art work in her home...she was telling us a lot about her culture and telling us that she could speak some French which was really cool. Anyway she is a neat lady, love her already and the whole time we were there she was bearing her testimony about the Savior, and how she will see her daughter again...she said that her daughter was on hold waiting until she got there to be with her again. She had a really close relationship with her daughter and it made me think of my relationship with you ;) I could really feel the strength that I gained as I listened to her give her many testimonies, and a lot of things that I had prayed about were answered through what she was testifying about, so I had to thank her for being an answer to my prayers and she thanked us for helping to strengthen her...we had a really good lesson and prayer with her. She let us know that we were always welcome in her home and that she knew we were true men of God. We are going back Saturday and we might even get some Haitian food! So COOL!

This past Friday we got a call from the Zone Leaders letting us know that the Traveling AP would be joining us for about 3 days. Well we had to go and pick him up from the Tucson Stake Center and his name is Elder Judy...basically he is assigned to go around to different companionship's to help them understand there purpose in Ward Council more...and he is also there to work with us as we visit others...today is the last day that he will be with us and then he is off with another companionship for another 3 days. I have gotten to really like him, he is a great missionary with a very positive attitude...I can see why he has been made the Traveling AP he is a really good guy.

I am so amazed that it will be Alexa's 10th birthday! I cannot believe how long it has been already and all that has gone on in our lives since she was born, we have all changed so much that it is so crazy! I really loved all of the pictures that you sent, especially of Sean kind of asleep! LOL ;) I am so missing a lot of your home cooking, and to think that I have 1 year and a month to wait for those yummy stuffed peppers that you are making for everyone else. Oh, did you hear? The Celena and Skylar are going to be in Salt Lake in July to take a tour of the U of U campus and they plan on seeing you!!! Can't wait! It sounds like you guys really had a lot of fun being up in Logan with Christopher and Katherine...I have never heard of the place where you guys went to eat, but I guess that's like a lot of the places in Logan, they're all local.

I will be praying for Arlene and hope that everything goes well, and I didn't know that Athalee was getting cancer taken off of her eye! That is just crazy, I hope that everything goes well with that too...that does not sound like too much fun to me! I am glad that you are doing better.
I hope that Alexa has a great birthday and tell her that I love her and miss her. You know that I am always praying for you guys and I love you very much, I can't wait to hear from you soon and know that I loved all of the pictures you sent and I am glad that you are liking mine, I better send this off so that you can get some more pictures from me! Love you!!!

Elder Jordie