May 16, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week I have a lot of news for you, I am not getting transferred but my companion Elder Hansen will be getting transferred to North West Tucson and will be with a companion who is only 6 months into the mission and Elder Hansen as you know is only 4 months is a lot like when I went to Duncan to be with Elder Phillips. I will be getting Elder Christensen. We also had our area seventy visit the mission this past Wednesday Elder Bradley D. Foster and his wife came to speak with us and they had a lot of good stuff to say to us.

Elder Foster's remarks were really inspiring and since he is President Passey's new "boss" there was a lot of stuff during the meeting that Elder Foster told President that our mission had to change in order to be a more successful mission. He talked about getting the members more involved so that we can help them improve the spiritual side of things in their lives and help them to be able to build their skill. A lot of times in Ward Council they seem to think that seeing people and visiting is for the missionaries and they just hand them off to us. Well Elder Foster made it clear that the members are responsible for a lot of the missionary work in their wards, the missionaries should just be there to assist the members in bringing them unto Christ. We went over this, but then we started to get deeper into the problem of member involvement...the problem is that the members don't know how to help us in missionary work and it is our job to make sure that they know how, they want to help but they just don't know how to. I totally agreed to everything in the meeting and this is stuff that I have brought to the Ward Councils but they didn't take me seriously. Now I can tell them that a seventy said it so it is important!...I loved his training!

Sister Foster had a lot of great things to say as well. She talked about taking care of others and how that is what we do, and we also help others to convert but she said that she wanted us to focus on ourselves as well, she wants to make sure that we are also truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ because she knows that it has blessed our lives and hers as well. She was very emotional through her testimony and talk and it got right to the heart. She told us that in those times that you get discouraged and you want to give up and go home, wherever you are you need to get on your knees and pray to our Heavenly Father for the strength to move on and get his work done. She had a lot of touching experiences that truly showed that she did to some degree know what it was like to be a missionary, especially since her husband is in the seventy and they get different assignments all the time. I felt as if she was there just for me, I may not be experiencing home sickness right now or feel like giving up but I have had those experiences and I know what it is like, and I know there will come a time throughout the rest of my time here that that might happen again.

I am excited that Sean is graduating from seminary and I hope that he has paid attention in that class because all of it is very useful while on your mission. I am also excited to hear that he is all signed up for college!   Thank you for the wonderful packages that I received the other day, it is certainly helping with the meal situation now. There is now a lot of people signed up to feed us  ;) I loved Skyping with you guys as well and wish that I could have reached through and  hugged all of you guys! I loved all of the pics that you sent ;) We did nothing fun for P Day, just a lot of running around getting Elder Hansen ready to transfer.

I love you guys and hope that you have a great week, I pray for you always for your health and strength and also for your protection. Can't wait to hear back from you all!

Elder Jordie