June 6, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family!

This week has been a crazy busy week as you already knew it was going to be, I am glad that we have been able to keep really busy because then you get a lot of work done and can feel accomplished by the time it gets around to P Day. As you know we had a baptism this past Saturday for Kayla who is 10, I had the privilege of baptizing her and it all went really well...we had the Primary Presidency involved and everyone who gave talks gave really good ones. If you are wondering I only had to dunk Kayla once! LOL Right after she was confirmed a member and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. You could feel the spirit there really strong, and her desire to do the right thing is very strong too. There was a good turn out at the baptism and it went for about 45 min. which is really long enough for a baptism. I have gotten to be really good friends with their family and every time I see Brother Ellis in church he wants to know what kind of trouble we are causing! LOL . She did really well in her interview and during that time we stayed outside the door talking with Brother Ellis listening to his ghost stories! Haha I love it!

This past Wednesday we had the privilege of having Zone Conference at the West Stake Center, we had car inspections as well and as you know my car always passes with flying colors! We had a great training from President and Sister Passey about how to move forward in the work, working with members more often so that we can help them to be inviting others to come unto Christ. Sister Passey gave a wonderful training on using Doctrine in every lesson that we teach, teaching simple truths such as God is our Loving Heavenly Father can invite the spirit so strong...teaching Doctrine is the "Why" and if people understand the "why" on what we are teaching they are likely going to do it because the understand and there is no confusion. A lot of times we as missionaries just teach the "What" (Principles) and the "How" (Application/Practice) but we don't teach the "Why" no wonder it's hard to get people progressing! So we have committed to use doctrine in our teaching all the time...where can you find doctrine? The scriptures of course! LOL I loved Zone Conference, it was a good time to reflect on how I could be better and more effective as a missionary.

We got a new investigator in the Camino Principal ward boundaries this past week, it was awesome. His name is Ron and I don't think he has ever met with missionaries before, but his wife past away just a couple months ago and he has been having a really hard time with that. Well, he has a friend that referred him to us and he really trusts his friend so we were able to get in. When we met him it was a lesson where we just needed to be there for him because he is still grieving. We let him know that his wife is in a better place and is waiting for him to complete his mission here upon the earth...this brought great comfort to him and he told us that he had felt a lot better since we had been visiting with him...I guess I should mention that he is a Roman Catholic but I am very grateful that he is very open to what we have to say and he has a lot of great questions for us...he really has a desire to learn more and I think teaching the Plan of Salvation is a wonderful thing for him to learn because it brings hope. The Jarvis family is doing good, although we had to cancel our appointment because Sister Jarvis was sick...the Harris' are good as well.

Congratulations on Sean graduating from High School! FREEDOM! LOL I love all the pictures that you sent of it, I was thinking a lot about you guys on Friday because of it and I wondered how much fun you guys were having.

Yay, I am so glad you guys are reading the scriptures it makes me so happy, I love reading them! I am doing pretty good, tonight we are going over to Sister Lee's for dinner and this past Friday they took us out to Kneaders which was so good and so nice of them. They want to feed us as much as they can, and guess who texted me??? Roger! He has invited us to dinner on the 29th of June, he wants to see me again and of course I want to see him and his family! It is going to be great! I am loving the area that I am in because the work is going good and the people are really nice. We have dinners every night now, they have been getting the calendar filled up so that has been nice! I have been having a lot of headaches because of how hot it is and it doesn't matter how much water I drink I still get them...it sucks!

Thank you for your prayers, they really help me and I know it...just know that I am praying for you guys all the time and I hope and wish the best for you guys! I love all of you and hope that you have a great week and hope that you enjoyed the pictures that I sent and this email!

Elder Jordie