June 16, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been a really good week for me, we have been able to get a lot done and I feel really good about it! This week we have gotten a lot of referrals, a lot just in the week days and we tried to contact them but nobody has been home which is fine, we will just have to try them again! LOL But yesterday in Camino Principal's ward council meeting they had a lot of people that they want us to go and see and it seems like they are some pretty solid referrals. One of them is a family that has had missionaries in the past and loves them, they are less active but they have a daughter that just turned 8 and they want us to come teach her before they go ahead with the baptism...pretty sweet huh?

We went over to Brother Harris this past Thursday and we had a good time...he invited us over for dinner and we had some pizza from Pizza Hut that has the cheese filled crust but the cheese has bacon in it and it is really good! I recommend that you try it! LOL

 I know that I told you already but there is a guy that lived in Virden where I served, he passed away...he was in Tucson on Mt. Lemmon working on a radio tower and he fell off to his death. It was really sad to hear about especially since I got to know him.  Milt Jensen was our housing inspector along with his wife in Duncan and we got to know their family pretty well, then I learned that this past Thursday is when this happened.....so sad


We had a really good appointment this week with our new investigator Ron, I think I already told you a little about him but he is the one that just lost his significant other to cancer. We had a member with us who just recently returned from his mission, it was really awesome to have three of us there to answer questions and listen. The lesson was very inspired and usually at the end of the lesson the spirit prompts me to share a scripture...this scripture that I was prompted to share him brought him great comfort in knowing that his loved one is in a better place waiting for the day when he will return. He is a very nice guy, and very willing to listen and to learn what God's plan is for him and all of us.

Haystacks..well they have rice and the sauce that goes over it is some type of cream of chicken with other stiff mixed in and then you put coconut over it and cheese and pineapple and anything else you want! It's really good! I can't wait for the package coming my way...

We aren't really doing much for P day to day...we just went shopping and I didn't buy anything, and now here we are emailing. Me and Elder C. are doing good and the work is going good in this area...the work is really starting to pick up in Camino Principal which is really good! I am so glad that you keep in contact with those who I love and hope that you keep doing so. I hope you get feeling better and know that I pray for all of you guys every single day!

 I love you and hope to hear from you soon. Oh, by the way I loved the pictures that you sent, Alexa and Sean are so funny!


Elder Jordie