June 20, 2016  Father's Day email ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

I am glad to hear that dad had a good Father's Day and hope that he gets my card today. I am excited for this coming week because at the end of it we will find out what happens with us at transfers, something tells me that nothing might happen but I could very well be training...only President knows. We have had a really good week with all the lessons that we have had with our investigators and less actives, even with members. Some members have been struggling this week with some issues that have come up in their lives and I am glad that we were able to go over there for dinner and offer to at least pray for them and their families welfare. It is proof that no matter how good of a member that you are sometimes you still need the missionaries to help give you hope and strengthen you with the words of the Lord.

It has been really hot here as you already know, yesterday it got up to 117 degrees and I am just very happy that all of the day I got to spend in a church with air conditioning blasting throughout the building. Did I tell you that a few weeks ago in the Bonanza Building where the Pantano Ward meets the air conditioning went out and it was so HOT in the building that we just had sacrament meeting and then we all got to leave. So I was very thankful that it was working yesterday so that we didn't have to be sweating so bad through the whole meeting. Thank you for the package, I got it and all the chocolate was melted but I put them right in the freezer and as of right now they have been eaten ;). I love the stress toy, but I could see myself accidentally breaking it because I am so stressed out! LOL And I tried the cold pack last night and it worked really nicely...I am going to always have that around! I even got a lot of Gatorade the other day and have been doing what you told me to do and it seems to be working really well.

Tell the Ladies hi for me and that I am doing really well, (Lorene, Karma and Evelyn, this message is for you)  I did get Lorene's card in the mail and it was really sweet of her to do...it gave me a good pick me up. Even though it is really hot here we still have to go out during the day and proselyte because that is our calling, it is so crazy because by 9 in the morning here it is already 97 degrees...too hot!

I got to see Roger this past Wednesday and even got to have dinner with the Robles family on Friday. Roger seems to be doing good and his family as well, they are getting ready to have another grand child, and they have finished up the remodeling in their home for now. I had a good visit with them and they seemed really happy to see me, I know that I was really happy to see them! I am glad that Christopher's car got fixed, and more importantly that they did a good job on it ;)

We got to meet some new families this week, one of the families is less active and we went to see them on Wednesday...they are a really nice family. When they opened the door Bishop was there from the Camino Principal Ward. My companion felt awkward the whole time, but I didn't because I thought it was perfect that Bishop was there. When Bishop left we were left to set up a return appointment and my companion said "just so you know that was not planned" and then they were like really? Because just before you came to our door Bishop was telling us that he had a feeling the missionaries would be coming soon, and boom you just show up right after he says that. Then I was thinking wow, the spirit is amazing and the Lord really does work in mysterious ways! It was just a cool experience, kind of a miracle from this past week that I thought you would like to hear about.

 I wrote Dad back just as quick as he emailed me and I hope that he got the email because I found some more information that I think he will find interesting. I have been doing family history because President Passey has challenged us to work on some of our family names and get one ready to take through the temple when we have our September Temple trip...it might even be August...but anyway I have been doing it a lot and it has been really fun...all I can say is that these people want to be found and I am having a lot of fun doing it! I can't wait to take a name through! I am going to have to rely on you and dad to do some sealings though :)

I love you guys and know that I pray for you all the time and wish you guys well, I hope to hear from you soon and I hope that you got the pictures that I sent!

Beautiful Mt. Lemmon
Where we should live!! lol
Would even have our own street! ;)

Elder Jordie