May 23, 2016 :)

Hey Mom and Family!

This week has been a very interesting week for me, especially with my new companion and all. My companion has been out for 21 months and he is from Washington State from a little town in the middle of the state called Royal City. I have never heard of it but then again it's a town just like Duncan which nobody has seem to have heard of unless you live around it. We haven't been having a lot of success this weekb. I don't know why this always happens when I get a new companion or I am transferred into a new area, but it always does and then it picks up again.

Me and my companion have been getting along so far which I am very thankful for, more likely than not I will be with him for two transfers because he goes home in August.

This past week we had another lesson with our investigator Rachel, she is so awesome and she is not moving to Yuma any more to take a job offer...can I just say HECK YEAH! I love teaching this woman, she is so kind and full of knowledge and willing to learn. We went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she loved it! She had a lot of great questions.

We saw Brother Ellis this week at church and his daughter Kayla is the one that will be getting baptized on June 4th. He told me that he really wants to keep in touch with me especially after I am done with the mission. Now if you knew Brother Ellis he really doesn't open up to people like that and tell them that he wants to keep in contact, or that it would be an honor for you to baptize my daughter... I told him that I would love that, I would love to keep in contact. And then he told me that before I walk down the isle he wants a wedding invitation from me! LOL I love that whole family, they are very shy people and don't talk to a lot of people but I sure am glad that I have gotten to know them because they are such a good family!

How is everything going with the family? How is the newest addition to our family? (the van) Are you excited for summer because I'm has been summer since April here and getting hotter, it's kind of ridiculous but I know that Aunt Sis would love it a lot! Maybe they should move down here to Tucson ;). I love you guys and I miss you a lot. I just realized that by the time I am transferred out of this area it will most likely be in September! How crazy is that??? We aren't doing much for Pday...we are just going to the Tucson Stake Center after this so that Elder C can play some sports with the other missionaries. I can't wait to hear from you and I hope that you liked my email!


Elder Jordie