May 28, 2016~ Memorial Day 

Hey Mom and Family,

Today is Memorial Day and that means that I get to email from my iPad (which I don't like doing) and not at the library because as you probably can's closed. I have had a really good week this week and the wards have been a lot better about signing up for dinners. Now we have dinners for the rest of this week and the next, and I am sure even more when we pass the sheet around again next week. We have had a pretty ordinary p day things are kinda  going slow for me today which is good, we had the carpet cleaners come this morning because I was getting sick of looking at nasty carpet! Now it is all clean and gray again...I will have to send you pictures of the apartment, even though I hadn't made my bed yet lol

So this past week has been really good with the work, we have had a lot of good potential contacts for new investigators and we had our district come to our area for an hour and work on a list of names from former investigators to potentials...good things came from that which I am excited about! We had a really good lesson with the Jarvis family, I think I have told you before but Brother Jarvis is less active and his wife and son are not members. So we went over there this past Wednesday to have a lesson and brother Jarvis wasn't expecting us but he let us in anyway, his son Jason was not home but his wife was...she never usually comes out when we have our lessons but from the last time we were getting to know brother Jarvis and Jason much better and having a lot of good laughs, so she came out and asked why we were having more fun than her when she has bible study! Lol So this time she kinda stayed around while we had a lesson with Brother Jarvis and then we started talking about the reason she doesn't come listen because her husband brought up that she has to have her coffee. She then told us that she was investigating at one point but there was a day she came home to the missionaries and just needed her coffee and one of the missionaries was really persistent in her quitting and from that time on she was like no more missionaries! We assured her that we wouldn't tell her to quit but that we do know it was a revelation and is an act of faith in knowing that God knows best for us. She said that she would listen from now on, and that she would study the Book of Mormon with us, but don't touch the coffee! Lol What a miracle I had been praying for, the Lord works in such awesome ways!

The Harris' are less active people, brother Harris and his three boys...we were over there this past Saturday and we usually love going over there because we have such a good time. I didn't really think we were even helping them to the best of our abilities but Brother Harris let us know that it means a lot to him and his family when we take time to come over, one of his sons is very quiet and apparently doesn't usually come out when missionaries are over, but he thanked us for being the missionaries that we are because his son comes and sits down with us and we have been getting to know him really well...which doesn't really ever happen. He thanked us and wanted us to know that we matter and our work matters and affects people and you'll probably never know it, but as you can see he let us know what good we have been doing for him and his family. He let us know that when we come over he wants us to come and just remember that we are people too, and that we can be ourselves in his home...that meant a lot to me.

Last night we had dinner with the Robles family and there were 9 of us missionaries there in Gina's apartment! Wow! We had Hawaiian Haystacks and that is one of my favorites!!! We had such a good time, then the missionaries left and we played the funniest game of Apples to Apples I have ever played! Lol We had so much fun and everyone was commenting on how it was the funnest they have ever played. I will live in infamy in the Robles house hold because on one of the write in Apples to Apples cards they wrote in Elder Snyder! Lol we got a picture of all of us last night so I will send you. We will be having dinner with them again Friday! We will be going to Kneaders.

I hope that everything went well going down to Cedar City going to tour the SUU Campus. I am glad that Sean is now excited to go down there for are only going to have one child at home! How crazy is that?

I hope you all enjoyed he Ghost Towns, they were always so fun to go to, you were so close to Tuacahn?, but anyway that would have been fun to go to! I can't believe that Christopher's car got hit! Is this nonsense ever going to end? I hope that they can get everything fixed up nice, those kids better have gotten in so much trouble (these kids did a hit and run while Christopher and Katherine were in a restaurant however there was a witness thank heavens). I will be surprised if their butts aren't blistered because that's honestly what I wanted to do to them when I heard about his car!

I so love that picture of Christ and yes I would love to have it waiting for me.

I can't wait for Kayla's baptism this weekend, we have it all planned out and ready to she just has to have her interview...I will be sure to get a lot of pictures of the baptism. ...

I love you guys and love the pictures that you have sent so far from your trip, mom you are rocking the Arizona Wildkats shirt!!! (my Mother's Day from Jordan)  I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you!

Elder Jordie