June 27, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week I have been trying to take it easy because I haven't been feeling so great, but we still have had some good lessons with the people that we are seeing. Ron is doing good and we are planning on having him come to church, but before he does we want to do a church tour with him so that he knows what to expect when he comes. We know that he has just lost someone very special to him and it's really sad, but we want him to come to church to feel the peace that it offers and spiritual healing. I think that we can get him to come, he is such a nice guy and he seems to love what we are teaching but we are trying to help him gain his own testimony and we have really stressed that he can't take all this grief on himself...that he should turn to the Lord for help because with his help he can lift burdens and make it easier.

The less active family that we are teaching in Camino Principal is doing pretty well, they told us that they need more guidance in their lives and that they have been away from the church for so long that they don't remember a lot of stuff...and their daughter wants to be baptized which is awesome so we are going to start all the lessons with them. Last time we talked about building our foundation on Christ and we used Helaman 5:12 which is such an amazing scripture for that subject. Building our foundation is an important part because without it your walls come crashing down. We talked about the ways that they can start building their foundation by reading scriptures, praying, coming to church, being kind, being an example of the believers. And by doing that you will surely build your foundation on Christ and you will rely on him and his atonement more. They seem to really like us coming over and they have some of the cutest kids!

 I am so glad that I am staying in my area, and it's really cool that I get to be Elder Christensen's last companion...it's pretty crazy! Today I have been out for 13 months and I am making my way down the hill, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel! LOL Monsoon season has started up again and I am so glad because that means it's cooling down for us, and we need it so bad! I love all the rain that we have been getting and more seems to be on it's way...it is much needed, the desert looks so much better when it is really green, I kind of enjoy that.

 I am glad that you guys liked the video that I sent you with me and Elder McCaffree, that was pretty fun and I really enjoyed it!  (I am so glad they have their fun, I laughed so much at this even though it set off my vertigo!)


I am loving the genealogy that I am doing and I am glad that others are starting to do it with me, as soon as I started doing it though I could feel someone's presence like they were there to lead me to their names.

 The weather seems like the same as last year but I just forgot what it was like especially getting acclimated to the cold weather in Duncan.

I cannot wait for the surprise in the mail that is coming! I cannot wait! I will send you pics when I get it in the mail and see what it is!

I am glad that Sean had a good time down in Moab, it looks like they had a really fun time! I am glad that you guys are still doing the scripture study, it's funny that you say that you are in Alma because I am too! I am not feeling that good today, I have this awful cough which makes it miserable to try to go to sleep! So I haven't been getting much sleep. There are about 60 missionaries coming in in the next three transfers so I have a feeling that a lot of us missionaries are going to be training and I think it will be fun :) Other than the sickness I am doing pretty good in all the other aspects. I love you guys and you know that I pray for you always and hope that you have a great week and that you all stay well.


Elder Jordie