August 1, 2016 ~

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been quite the week getting ready for my companion to go home and wondering who I will get to replace him. Also we haven't had a very busy week this week when it comes to seeing people and teaching lessons. Although we did have some really good lessons especially with our recent convert Deborah...she is really smart and it is seriously like she has been a member her whole life! She knows so much and yet has such good questions.

We had another lesson with our investigator Ron that went really well...we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is about Faith, Repentance, Baptism and The Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. He seemed to really like the lesson, but he is always worried about how things work like the organizations and stuff like that which is good, but we want him to focus on gaining a testimony right now. He is a great guy and tomorrow we have a lesson for him planned at the Temple Sight ;) Yep, that's right President has given us permission to use the temple sight to explain what temples are...especially since they have the project missionaries who are there to teach about what goes on in the temple, why we have temples, and how they are built and with what materials they are built with...Ron is really going to love it! I should be able to get a lot of pictures from that which I think you will appreciate ;).

So, another P Day that has nothing too exciting planned...just the same old email and shop, then go to sports for 3 hours. This past Saturday we helped some non members move out of our ward boundaries which was a lot of fun. We got a call from a lady in Ginas ward and she told us that she is really good friends with these people and have known them for a long time. They are a little older and they don't have very good backs so we got some missionaries to help us with the move and we got a lot done! We had to put all the stuff on a truck and then haul it all to a storage unit down the street because they are moving in with their mom because she needs to be taken care we got to move the stuff twice! Anyway yesterday in church the lady who asked us to help found me and thanked me and my companion for helping with the move, and said that it was a great introduction to the missionaries for their friends. She was really excited that we helped and said that it was going to help a lot with being able to talk about the Gospel with them and maybe have missionaries in their home! Yay!

As you know Skylar had her birthday party this past week with us missionaries and it was so fun! We went to Chuck E Cheeses. Playing the games was really fun, I really needed a night like that...and it's another birthday for Skylar that I was there for!

10 months away from seeing you guys and the time is going by fast right now! Thanks for the pictures of Christopher's Birthday I hope that he had a really good one, he is half way to 50 already and soon he will be! LOL I hope that everything is going well with you guys and that you are still reading the Book of Mormon. I can't wait for this transfer to be over so that I can have a new start on the next one. I love you guys and you're in my prayers and thoughts every single day!

Elder Jordie