August 15, 2016 :)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been quite a week as you know, with me training and all. My new companions name is Elder Leslie and he is from Pocatello, Idaho...he is right out of High School so this should be a fun experience. This week we have been doing a lot of finding and such. I have been praying for more people to see and everything and lately at dinners members are just giving us people to see left and right. And then in church yesterday in Camino Principal Ward our mission leader gave us more people to go see. I don't like tracting but I did take my new companion to go do some, it's not really effective but we did place 3 Books of Mormon and got times to go see the people that we gave them too this week! I have been having a lot of fun this week with everything going on and I feel the spirit is stronger right now because Lord knows that I need the strength to be able to do this. It's fun so far, but it's hard because he is fresh out of High School..

This week we taught Ron the Word of Wisdom and why we need it. His big thing is coffee and he really depends on it being a social thing so he can go out with his friends and drink and make conversation. LOL He is so funny, he thanked us for the Temple Tour again! Anyway we had a good lesson with him.

Deborah is doing good, although this past week she had to cancel her appointment with us because she was having a pretty bad migraine which is never fun. She has a lot of health issues and everything but it is amazing how much faith in the Lord that she has even when she is going through so much. Usually when people start going through stuff like that they tend to blame God for their afflictions and forget that they need him and that the Savior went through what they have gone through. Not Deborah, she always remembers who her maker is and that she needs the help from him. She always thanks us for coming over because she says it's so much like church, and it's so uplifting like church is.

Yeah, apparently the time that Donovan and I did service for June is when we were doing service for Gina exactly one year later! LOL Isn't that weird? Gina doesn't have that good of a back so she needed some stuff done around her house that I was happy to help with. I got to clean her fans and wash some of her walls and I felt really good doing it. She thanked us so much for doing it but I told her that I would be happy to help her anytime. I told her that she does so much for us missionaries that I wanted to help her with something without anything in return. She kept saying that she wish she had something she could do for us or give us and I told her she didn't need to give us anything. Oh man, I am missing so many meals from home right now! You keep telling me everything you guys are eating and I get so hungry every time! LOL The caramel dumplings especially sound so good to me! I am glad that everyone is having so much fun, I bet that Arlene really loved the scripture reading with the family.

I am sorry to hear about the Harrison's moving :(

 I can't believe that Christopher and Katherine have been married for two years already! Man time has been going by so fast when you think about it. Although I know for you it must be going very slow ;).

Look what the sister missionaries did to our car, it made me laugh!! They are so awesome!! haha

I love you guys and hope you feel that I pray for you always, I hope that everything is going well with you guys!


Elder Jordie