July 25, 2016 ;)

Hey Mom and Family,

This week has been a pretty good week for me especially since I have gotten over this sickness and we have also had some pretty good lessons as well! First we had a lesson with Ron and we did a church tour that was very successful...we mainly did it so that he would know where the building was and what to expect when he come to church. But it turned out so great because when we were in the Chapel we let him read the prayer on the bread and he started to feel something and thought of his significant other, which means that he was feeling the spirit. Elder Christensen pointed out to him that it was and that the Lord has many blessings in store for him. We set a baptismal date for September, but that is a goal that Ron feels he can reach. I am so excited to keep teaching, we are going to try to set up going to the temple site with him so that he can learn more about the temple from the missionaries that are over the project, I think he will feel something special there.

We also had a lesson with our investigator Ellen, she will be turning 70 this week and I think that I told you that she is the one that has been progressing on her own lately. In church yesterday she was participating more than I have ever heard her do so in Gospel Principles class. It was amazing, it's like she has this new confidence and I think it comes from studying the Book of Mormon with her..I don't know but I really like it! She says that she hasn't received the answer that she should be baptized yet but yesterday our ward mission leader made some comments about how we can't receive all of the blessings the Lord has to offer if we don't take the first step and are baptized so that it opens the gate to everything else. She looked over at me and gave me a look that said, wow maybe I should think more seriously about this...it seemed to kind of click with her, it was awesome! This week we won't be seeing her because she is going to be really busy.

So it is about 2 weeks before my companion goes back home to Washington and it is really throwing me back to last year when I was Elder Donovan's last companion...it's a little weird to tell you the truth. Are you excited that I will have been out for 14 months on Wednesday? Before you know it it will be Christmas and we will be Skyping again! I can't believe that it is almost August...I swear that it just became July...anyway how are things going at home? Is your knee healing ok? How is the Physical Therapy going? I am glad that you liked the video of Celena getting an egg cracked over her head! LOL That was so fun to do, my dare was talking for 3 minutes without stopping...surprisingly that was really hard!

I hope that everything is going well at home, I know that there has been a lot going on with Pioneer day and everything...good thing this is the last one that I am going to miss! As I have said I can't wait to go to the Manti Pageant again and hopefully dad is game for coming down during the Easter time for the Mesa Easter Pageant...I want to see it so bad! I am doing good and I love not being sick anymore...however it has been really hot here and this morning it has been really humid because it rained last night, and of course in the mornings it's already 90 degrees...I can't wait until summer is over! Although I have another summer to deal with in the future...but just the beginning, we have been getting a lot of monsoon's lately which I love because I love rain! I hope that your scripture study is going well and know that I love you guys and pray for you continually!


Elder Jordie