July 4th, 2016 :)

Hey Mom and Family,

I am so glad that this will be my last 4th of July without you guys...I can't wait for the next one when we are all together and then some ;)

I haven't been doing that good this week, I have been having to take a lot of Day and NyQuil and last night I didn't take any and I felt so awful...so it sounds and feels like I have some sort of flu that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon and I am not very happy about that...so I have been trying to take it easy this week. And then as I start to feel better because of the DayQuil Elder C starts to feel sick, so we are both sick right now...got to love trials.

Since this is a U.S. Holiday I don't get to go to the library and use the computers to email you, so this probably won't be that long of a email. It sounds like you guys have some fun plans for today and I hope that you guys stay safe so that ;).

I loved the surprise that you sent me, it was so unexpected and I loved it so much! (thank you Laurel too!)  I still can't believe that I have a shirt signed by Gentri!!! I sent you some pics, let me know if you didn't get them so that I can send them again. I am glad that a lot of people seem to like them, they are some good singers and they have some amazing songs.

I need a hug from The Elaine C. too, I am really missing some people right now and I wish that I could just give them a quick hug! Lol

The teaching is going good, but it's as if God was watching out for our health this week because everyone that we had an appointment with us canceled last week. We are going to the Robles' tonight to have some fun for the 4th and I am really excited! I am glad that Sean is starting his job, the advice I have is to take your lunch everyday and do lunch with dad on Fridays.

I pray that you guys will be safe today, and want you to know that I love you guys...

Elder Jordie